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Broadcast: Tristan und Isolde

This afternoon at the civilized hour of 1:00 PM, the Met will broadcast a performance of Tristan und Isolde recorded in the fall. The discussion by the cher public, on the other hand, will be live. (Photo by Ken Howard/ Metropolitan Opera)

  • “Die Walküre” live from the Osterfestspiele Salzburg just started and can be heard at The cast:

    Peter Seiffert – Siegmund
    Georg Zeppenfeld – Hunding
    Vitalij Kowaljow – Wotan
    Anja Harteros – Sieglinde
    Anja Kampe – Brünnhilde
    Christa Mayer – Fricka

    Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden
    Christian Thielemann, conductor

    • rapt

      Thanks for this heads-up. Harteros is terrific!

      • ines

        a rather dull first act …

        • ER

          interesting performance, but the sound quality isn’t great.
          Singers are good, but the Valkyries for the Act III opening scene were the squalliest I heard in a while.

          • ines

            Overall I find this quite disappointing…
            And what was that; Seiffert( sounding his age) prolonging the notes to eternity… Harteros less exiting than usual.. , I appreciate Kampe’s Brunnhilde , but are we quite there?
            Kowaljov good. I would have switched to the Met Tristan, but this is live…

    • Southern Gal

      Any chance you will have this? I misread the opera cast schedule and started at 130 pm. Ugh. Reallllly wanted to hear Anja. As she is a favorite of mine.

    • Liz.S

      Thank you -- I’ll be checking out on that 7 tage thingie!

    • I was there last night and the live performance was quite exciting. Anja more impassioned than she can sometimes be and poured out a huge volume of sound. Kampe brought some nuances to the Valkyrie that you miss with a full hoch-dramatische, but it was only her first staged performance so too soon to tell if she will keep the role in her repertoire.
      The act 1 set was an impressive recreation of the original but nemirova borrowed heavily from her Frankfurt production for acts 2&3.

  • southerndoc1


    Oh dear.