Cher Public

East Side Story

Fiery Latinas Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews strike sparks! 

  • John Huizinga

    Pretty damn wonderful. Thanks.

  • southerndoc1

    A lot more convincing than Troyanos and Te Kanawa.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Carol’s waist was tiny!

  • Scott

    This comes from their 1962 “Live at Carnegie Hall” TV special. There’s a lot of wonderful stuff on there. The full show tunes medley, from which this wonderful duet is culled, is stupendous.

  • Big Finn

    I was in Manhattan in the summer of 1988 when JA and CB were to do their third show together. I went to Carnegie Hall on the day of the performance to find out about last minute tickets -any possibility!- but learnt that the show had just been cancelled “due to technical problems”. It was later taped in LA and broadcast in 1989.

    • Brackweaver

      I’ve always wondered if the technical issues reason wasn’t because of the pre-recording that Andrews used in some numbers.

  • MisterSnow

    Carol’s marathon medleys were legendary. Kudos to her musical staff. Here are two great ones