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Donna son io, signore, ed in mia casa

Though none of the three performances of Anna Netrebko‘s Traviata at La Scala was broadcast, an in-house in decent sound has surfaced, and you can hear it after the jump. 

  • Marcello

    i am impressed.

  • Rick

    What a horrid slow tempo for the Libiamo, like some kind of funeral walz…

    • Gualtier Maldè

      Let’s bring over Nucci and leave Domingo and Hampson in Italy…

      • Rick

        I attended Traviata last year in Paris at the performance that was Domingo’s return to Opera National de Paris after 15 years or so. He was very impressive, in my view. His voice carried best of all the singers, he was audible even in the ensemble in the party scene, he looked well, and his voice sounded very good. Now, I have also heard him (over the radio) in latter years sounding much less good so I think he had a good night -- but I also think that the part of Germont is among the most suitable for him at this stage.

        Btw, I just saw what he will perform at his 50 years anniversary in Vienna on 19 May: third acts of Simon Boccanegra and Ballo and second act of Traviata….

  • Luiz Antônio Caldeira Falci

    what happened in the beginning of the seconda act???? there was this really long pause before Violenta´s entrance

    • ines

      There was some functional problem…. ( not finding her way from the dressing room …?)..funnily the same thing happened with Damrau at laScala a few years back… she got stuck in the elevator, and got late for her entrance in La Traviata ( 2nd act,je crois).
      Listening to Hunt Lieberson in the Theodora arias, unforgettable.

      • Daniel Swick

        LHL’s singing in Irene’s music is some of the most beautiful and heartfelt ever recorded.

        • berkeleygirl

          Her “On rose steps” probably is the most beautiful/heartfelt music ever recorded… Oh, but then there’s her Abendempfindung… (Excuse me while I weep…)

          • kankedort

            It’s “As with rosy steps the morn …” And, yes, it’s devastating.

    • manou

      She was having an anger management class?

  • I think Santi’s performance is an embarrassment. I’ve never heard such shapeless conducting in La Traviata.

    • Daniel Swick

      How old is he?!

      • He’s 86, to be fair.

        • DonCarloFanatic

          I always thought when people get really old, their perception of speed alters, which is why they drive at 15 miles an hour. He did look quite elderly during the curtain calls.

          • Opera Teen

            It took him a good 90 seconds to reach the podium each time on the first night. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the fastest thing he could do.

            • ines

              But on her FB Netrebko gives special thanks for Grande Maestro Santi, for this wonderful experience… maybe the tempos felt comfy for her….

            • Apulia

              or maybe since she can sing so damn well she has plenty of extra space to be kind

  • Brackweaver

    Was it the recording or was the A a fraction low? Wow. Lugubrious tempi. I must have been infected by the hand wringers because I unconsciously expected AN would have issues in Act I. She sounded great and very comfortable. Pity about the sound in the final act.

    • ER

      it’s interesting that she chose to ‘return’ to this part after such a while, and that the voice still sounds so incredible and fresh in this music.

  • Opera Teen

    For some shameless self-promotion, my review of the first night of performances of this Traviata: