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Blood will be flung

For those of you who missed the live webcast of Rossini’s Otello last weekend (and for those of you who want to see it again), the entire LoftOpera presentation is now viewable on YouTube, complete with an oddly familiar-looking bald dome situated in the lower left hand corner of the screen. 

  • southerndoc1

    “an oddly familiar-looking bald dome situated in the lower left hand corner of the screen”

    Mystery Science Opera 3000.

  • grimoaldo2

    A most impressive and enjoyable performance. Amazing that they could assemble such a fine cast in fiendishly difficult and not very well known music. I find it very refreshing to see an “old school” opera done in such a “new school” way and with economy of sets, a small stage and venue.

    • Magpie

      First time I heard this opera and I really liked it. I thought the scene with the oil lamp was so effective I kept wondering why I had not seen it before, then I realized that every single Mimi and Lucia has had one in her hand….Funny, how it doesn’t translate to large stages..
      The sound balance from my end was so odd ( winds kept resonating covering the singers) I kept thinking she was smearing her coloratura but upon several listenings, she seems to be rather good negotiating those downward scales and I thought she was an effective actress. Was anyone there that heard her voice and can comment on it?

  • QuantoPainyFakor

    The poster of this youtube has placed one of the most incredible sources of live and rare performances on that site.

    • QuantoPainyFakor

      Like this recording of Marilyn Horne’s Musetta
      And thie rarity with Rita Gorr

      • QuantoPainyFakor, it is GEORGE GORR!!! A phenomenon for a too brief time.

        • QuantoPainyFakor

          I don’t understand. George?????
          Le Martyre de Saint Sebastien (Debussy) : Cluytens -- Gorr -- Michel -- Angelici
          Le Saint : Véra Korène
          La Mère Douloureuse : Henriette Barreau
          L’Empereur : Jean Marchat
          Premier Gémeau : Rita Gorr
          Second Gémeau : Solange Michel
          Le Préfet : Jacques Eyser
          La Voix de la Vierge Erigone : Martha Angelici
          La Fille Malade des Fièvres : Maria Casarès
          Vox Coelestis : Mattiwilda Dobbs
          Sanaé : Paul Guers
          Anima Sebastiani : Lucienne Jourfier
          Choeur Raymond Saint-Paul Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Française dirigé par André Cluytens

          • No, EVERYONE called her George Gorr. I think she came up with the name herself.

        • Benedetta Funghi-Trifolati

          I still remember and am still a bit deaf from AIDA Act IV/Scene I at the old Met with Rita (“George”) Gorr and Franco Corelli roaring at each other like 2 very imposing T-Rexes disputing over a Hadrosaur carcass. Seriously, they were very exciting together and easily filled the old Met with their big voices.

      • Brackweaver

        Well! That was a fun Act II! On a related Horne note; in Philip Gossett’s book Divas And Scholars, there is a bit about a Malibran version of Otello. Does anyone know more about this? Any excerpts?

        • QuantoPainyFakor
          • Brackweaver

            Thanks very much! I listened to the duet, Non m’inganno with the score. It leaves me puzzled how the rest of the role would be rewritten for a mezzo. Maybe a very high one…Even with trading harmonies and rewriting lines the vocal line always seems to want to resolve with the mezzo at the very top of her range.

            Assisa a pie d’un salice, has always been a fav. The structure is so ahead of its time.