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She has immortal longings in her

All right, folks, if you’re going to troll La Cieca, you might try just a little subtlety. 

[Lincoln Center]

  • Rosina Leckermaul

    Was the premiere of A&C “triumphant”? Critics and audiences found the work and the production ponderous.

    • The line reads that Price’s performance was triumphant, NOT the opera and the good lord knows NOT the production.

  • manou

    She will be interspersed?

    • Batty Masetto

      Sort of like the break between registers, but spacier.

  • fletcher

    Oh, “adam gopnik for chrissake” is my favorite tag! (and Gary Shtyengart is diligently working his way up the ladder of insufferability)

  • Kenneth Conway

    As grandmama used to put it, “The Gopnik never falls far from the twee.”