Cher Public

Broadcasts: Guillaume Tell / Andrea Chénier

Patriotism veritably gushes this afternoon, cher public, with a broadcast of Guillaume Tell from the Met starting at 1:00 PM, and a web telecast of Andrea Chénier from the Bayerische Staatsopera beginning live at 1:50. Chat on either or both in the comments section below!

  • Rowna Sutin

    I echo auf wiedersehen

  • Camille

    Either feast or famine. Now it’s back to the Guillaume Tell. Fab Fabio is speaking now.

    • Liz.S

      His next booking is in 2020, I heard. I will miss him awfully… I’m still pretty upset

  • Camille

    Broadcast date: November 9th, 2016.
    Act IV commences NOW!

  • fragendefrau

    Loved this! Had heard many complaints about the “busy” doll house structure but with the camera narrowing the focus I thought it was fine. EXCEPT for the inexcusable business with Chénier during “Nemico della patria” Unforgivable! Anja and Jonas did not disappoint, and I hope I see Salsi at the Met. This needs to come out on blu-ray…soon!

  • Cicciabella

    Does anyone know if there will be a repeat webcast of Chenier, for those of us who were otherwise engaged?