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Yes, Giorgio

  • Paul Pelkonen
  • Peter

    It’s also a free Met live stream broadcast tonight.

  • Der Fliegende Amerikaner

    Is it just me or does anybody else not see the upcoming live streams?

    • grimoaldo2

      I don’t understand DFA because your link goes right to it, tonight’s performance of “Alfredo”, oops I mean “La Traviata”.

    • I think they just added them to the site today :)

      • rapt

        Hooray! Somebody at the Met must read Parterre ;)

  • Rowna Sutin

    Heads up everyone -- Nelson is just a fabulous singing. He has a luxurious sound and is a superb actor. And he is a friend!!!!

    • Uncle Kvetch

      I was in the house this evening and greatly enjoyed his performance — a warm, rich sound that in no way paled next to the two powerhouse leads. He was warmly received at the curtain call.

  • Camille

    FWIW, on Sunday afternoon my spouse saw Thomas H. up close in Carnegie Hall and he appeared to be in good health, and reminded him of Ted Danson (up close). Maybe he has taken ill in the interim, but……

  • Camille

    He got another solo bow, Nabucco, Rigoletto and Falstaff are his other roles, Mary Jo has just announced. Benvenuto Señor Nelson.

  • Rowna Sutin

    Here is my take the morning after.

  • Angelo Saccosta

    He reminds these old ears of Warren and MacNeil, dark sound and ringing high notes.

    • Camille

      Ohé, Signor Saccosta!
      I found the Puritani you were speaking of at Juilliard Music Store and, once I dump some old scores, will be getting it. Last time I was in the store it was not there. They usually keep current with what’s out and it hadn’t been there six months ago. There are other CEs out, Macbeth, Semiramide, as well. Can’t wait to get my hands on them and thanks so much for alerting me once again!

      • Angelo Saccosta

        My pleasure, Signorina, and thank you for alerting me that there is still a place in NYC to buy the scores after Patelson’s closing. I am looking for the new CE of Les Martyrs. I own the Macbeth, and it too has every note that Verdi wrote for it.

        • Camille

          I am so pleased to return the favor and YES they are a quite good and very helpful group of young people working the store. You might try calling them up about >Les Martyrs as it may not necessarily be listed online as part of their current stock but they may have it—-such was the case with I Puritani.

          I am very curious about the Macbeth as I so love that opera, even feeling it is a capolavoro in its earlier version. It is plain to be felt how much Verdi valued the work and how he put his everything into it.

          And finally, after the demise of Carl Fischer and sob! Patelsons--where I have spent so many a happy hour and scored so many valuable books at their front window--and EVEN that store down the street from the MET with the huge golden Beethoven bus in its front window now gone--well, Juilliard Book Store is the only game in town, so far as I know. Now that it’s out of the trailer and into its own brick and mortar building it has become a really well stocked store with lots of non-standard publishers: I found a Pikovaya Dama last time I was there, printed in Russia, e.g. There is always the redoubtable Glendower Jones, who used to be in the Bronx, now in Arkansas and online, but he deals in reprints of rarities and good for French operas. It could be he has an ancient edition of Les Martyrs, but you are better off with the Ricordi CE in every case.

          Tanto piacere!!

          Address is: wwwdotjuilliardstoredotcom

          • Angelo Saccosta

            I’ll take a trip over as soon as I can or give them a call. As you suggest, the website didn’t list Les Martyrs. Macbeth is a wonderful work, whether it’s the 1847 original or Verdi’s later revisions, which for all their greater musical interest, somehow create a sometime jarring difference in musical style, not surprising since Verdi had traveled such a long distance artistically in those nearly twenty years.
            Cheers, dear Camille.