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Does yummy Yannick Nézet-Séguin owe it all to dairy? 

  • QuantoPainyFakor
  • chicagoing

    This is pretty amazing when you consider that a comparable commercial or PSA in the United States would almost certainly feature a star of the NBA or NFL. That a symphony conductor would be presented, matter- of- factly, as an inspirational role model to a young boy says something very positive to me about the culture in Quebec/Canada.

    • MWnyc

      Maybe. I’m not at all sure Yannick would have gotten this gig if he were famous only within Canada. I suspect that what matters more than anything (in terms of this commercial starring a conductor rather than a sports figure or popular actor) is that Yannick made it big in Europe and the States.

      • Yige Li

        I think what chicagoing indicated is (based on the fact that they chose an orchestra conductor for commercial, it seems) Canadians value classical music more than Americans.

        • MWnyc

          Yes, I know that. I’m disagreeing.

          Canadians may or may not value classical music more than Americans. But I don’t think this ad is convincing evidence that they do.

          When it comes to the wide public to whom milk products are marketed, I’m inclined to doubt that being a prominent conductor is what gave Yannick value as a spokesmodel.

          I think it’s much more likely that he’s considered valuable as a spokesmodel because he’s a French-Canadian who became a worldwide superstar in his field (and continued to make his home in Canada).

          I mean, they didn’t hire Jacques Lacombe or Alain Trudel (or Louis Lortie or Karina Gauvin) to tout milk. And If Yannick were equally praised in the overseas and US media as an actor or dancer or author or filmmaker* rather than as a conductor, I think he’d be equally likely to get hired as a dairy spokesmodel.

          Fame is fame is fame, especially when it’s someone from a smallish place who hits the global big leagues. I doubt the fact that Yannick’s a classical musician made much of a difference.

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          * Well, I’m not sure you’d hire Xavier Dolan to tout milk, no matter how much attention he gets at Cannes.

  • Camille

    What I am wondering after last night’s performance is if he also eats ‘Wheaties the Breakfast of Champions’ along with his lait du matin as that Swan Lake was quite spectacular last night. I thought he’d leap from the podium in his enthusiasm and athleticlly driven performance. Quite impressive and very effective.
    Bravo YN-S.