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Nature abhors a vacuum

In light of a few recent low-key changes in, La Cieca (pictured) asks the cher public to take a moment to enhance their enjoyment of the site by reviewing the updates and suggestions following the jump. 

The first and most significant change to site is the addition of biographical information for parterre writers. Simply click on the writer’s byline to be redirected to a page featuring a bio (and in some cases a photo) of the writer as well as preview of the writer’s previous pieces published on parterre.

La Cieca has caught up with the task of updating the RSS feed for ‘Trove Thursday,” which means that you now have access to all the wonderful podcasts in that series via iTunes (for free!) or any RSS reader.

The cher public are further reminded that all parterre articles can be shared easily through social media by using the buttons at the end of every story. Click “Share” to share a piece with your Facebook buddies, or “Tweet” to send it to your Twitter account.

  • Porgy Amor

    I know it was out of date (with a few long-dormant voices, and some newer eminences not on it) and maybe a headache to keep changing, but I miss the contributors list that was on the left of the home page. Now if I’m in a mood to binge-read all the Ali Kashani, for example, I have to think of something he wrote, and search for, say, Ghosts of Versailles, and find his archive that way.

    It’s just a suggestion. Maybe a list of everyone who has regularly contributed in the last two years?

    • Scott

      How would one define a “regular” contributor? One who contributes every day? Every week? Monthly?

      • Porgy Amor

        I’m referring to the people La Cieca edits and publishes here, who now have the biographies.

    • Now if I’m in a mood to binge-read all the Ali Kashani, for example

      Even if one had such a crazy notion, the binge wouldn’t last all that long. LOL

      • Porgy Amor

        A binge on my archive, were someone so masochistic, would occupy someone for a Shining-like winter.

    • Camille

      There is a list, currently, and it’s called:

      “Who are the parterrians?”

      If you type that title into the search box you may come up with a good many of the reviewers, but certainly not all of them.

      An added bonus is the venerable Betsy Ann Bobolink’s weekly breakdown of broadcasts to be found there.

      Until La Cieca comes up with another solution this is a stop gap for the time being.

  • Attorney Attorney

    Can someone explain to me the ‘born on this day’ posts? I stopped reading this blog bc I don’t get why I’d click on a post about a random actor. I miss the old cryptic posts about met singers worth their weight in gold who were blacklisted at the met or whatever. I just want to see a title and know the comments are probably worth reading but I can’t tell that anymore. What am I missing?

    • Porgy Amor

      “On This Day” has not replaced anything. There are still blind items. La Cieca has run several in the first two months of this year: a vocally shaky diva about to sing a signature role, another [or, I suspect, the same one] who wants costumes that cover her throat now, an octogenarian “fixture” that may be bidding farewell as early as summer.

      Plus, of course, there are reviews of live performances, reviews of recordings and videos, news posts…all the things that have always been here.

      The daily posts are intended as a spot for off-topic chatter (the precursor to them was Cieca’s “intermission” posts). If someone wants to say, “I saw Lederlunge in Tannhäuser last night in Berlin and I have never heard such filth in my life!” then there’s an obvious place for that. The person does not have to put the comment below a review of Salome or Mefistofele and apologize for being off topic.

      I personally often enjoy seeing who’s older today, or what premiered that day, et cetera, and I’m glad WindyCityOperaman does these. But if they were not to my taste at all, I would just look for the other content.