Cher Public

Reminder: predict the Met’s 2017-2018 casting and win big!

Cher public, take a moment away from your appearances in supper clubs and presentation houses to make your final guesses in the Met Casting for 2017-2018 competition, which closes at 10:00 AM tomorrow (Wednesday), just two hours before Met unveils that season officially.

  • Camille

    “Supper clubs”??????? Supper Freakin’ Clubs, La Cieca??????

    Where are we?? Oklahoma?
    What year is this???? 1956??

    Well, I am gonna blow this competition WIDE HI--higher than that HI FA, and win this Coveted Amazon Gift Card without any doubt,
    Monsieur Taupe, deep within the bowels of the Met parking lot has leaked ALL the informatiin to little old me.

    To wit:

    Answers 1-20. Get ready—
    *Placid Domingo*

    Yes, Him. In ALL roles with JL conducting ALL operas.

    There. Done and DONE!

    You know where you can find me with that Gift, La

    Grazie and Ciao 4 Now!

    • Pirelli

      Non e possibile. We all know Domingo doesn’t sing tenor roles…;-)

      • Camille

        Right you are!

        And to think that all those years everyone said he wasn’t a tenor but a pushed up baritone and now they complain he is not a baryton!!! There is just no pleasing some people.

        Well, I guess I blew another opportunity to win that coveted Amazon Gift Card. Next time, fer shure.

  • PokeyGascon

    I will not attempt an entry but it would be amusing to come back at the end of next season and see which entry most accurately predicted the actual performances.