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End of an era

Fort Worth Opera earlier today parted ways with its general director of 16 years, Darren K. Woods. His tenure with the company included a strong focus on contemporary works such as Silent Night, Glory Denied, Angels in America and JFK.

  • Did he jump or was he pushed? “A strong focus on contemporary works” can mean admirable dedication to programming and keeping the repertory fresh and current but less than stellar box office.

  • ducadiposa

    One of the stories I read mentioned once, if they mentioned it three or more times, that he had a penchant for programming ‘gay-themed’ operas and then listed a few new commissions. Without saying it they seemed to imply this might have been one of the reasons he’s been let go…the underlying message being that audiences didn’t take so well to some of these operas [although apparently one was a success]. Anyway, food for thought…

  • MisterSnow

    I had the honor of working with Mr. Woods in a production of Turandot around 1990 ( me -- chorus, him -- ping, pang, or pong). A consummate professional. I remember ON doing a nice feature on him a couple years ago.