Cher Public

Broadcast: Carmen

This afternoon’s broadcast, cher public: Bizet’s Carmen, starting at 1:00 PM.

  • Armerjacquino

    Kneejerk reaction, literally three minutes after switching on (at the lalalas, then ‘Au quartier? Pour l’appel?’ etc), is that Margaine has a more or less ideal Carmen voice, and that Aronica sounds a hundred and twelve.

    • Armerjacquino

      Nice Flower Song though, so I guess I spoke too soon.

      • Yes, and he didn’t blast the big top note. I think he’s doing OK. She’s got the role totally in hand and has an opulent voice.

        • Armerjacquino

          Yes. She was a bit polite for me in the Card Song, but that’s because I’m vulgar and like a Big Resnik Foghorn. Otherwise she’s been pretty much ideal.

          • I think she takes the card song with a sense of fatalistic respect. The cards are very important in her life and I don’t see it as a showy or overly dramatized moment — more a kind of awe and acceptance.

  • Camille

    The Card Song went particularly well. She sounds very well in this role, the one for which she is making something of a reputation. I would, however like to hear it in the theatre to get what she does in stage but I’m loathe to review it again. Certainly, a big improvement over the okay Léonor I heard from her at Caramoor but that was a one-off and the first thing she did here in North America, I believe. All in all, bienvenue, Clémentine (love that name!).

    Signora Agresta made some mighty pretty sounds on high, and even if unrepentantly italianate, so what? It didn’t seem at all Micaëla to me, more Mimì, but that’s all right and I’m grateful for what good singing comes my way. I just don’t quite get why she’s singing this as she also sings Norma, Anna Bolena, and the challenging Gemma di Vergy. It’s a gig.

    The Escamillo sounded QUITE a bit better than the average one -- always a tough one and Sgr. Aronica is what he is: good enuf and sometimes good and sometimes just okay. At least he doesn’t go
    Splat! Very italianate but then there was a whole tradition of Italian Carmens, in any case.

    Would be nice if Mlle Margaine would take over that lineup of Charlottes coming up. Mr. Gelb, I would appreciate it if you would oblige me on that item!

  • chicagoing

    WFMT listeners in Chicago had the unique opportunity to hear TWO live Carmen broadcasts on Saturday, this one from the Met in the afternoon and then the opening night of LOC’s current run of the Bizet opera with a role debut by Ekaterina Gubanova.