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Nicolai Gedda 1925-2017

According to the Svenska Dagblatet, the internationally renowned Swedish singer died on January 8. He was 91. 

  • Rosina Leckermaul

    Sorry to hear this. I had the pleasure of hearing Gedda on many occasions in a variety of roles. I also had the pleasure of meeting him once. I had to pick him up at his hotel and drive him to his recital. He was late because he had been watching Pavarotti on television. He spent the ride praising Pavarotti.

    • Bill

      Gedda was a multi faceted lyric tenor who generally did not go beyond his fach, yet was so versatile that he was
      equally effective in French, Italian, German, English and Slavic roles. I first heard his voice on he old EMI recording of Boris Godunov wherein Boris Christoff sang all of the
      principal bass roles and Gedda was the False Dimitrij -- he was a very stylish tenor and even at the very end when he sang, for example, in Lehar’s the Land of Smiles at the Volksoper he had to repeat Dein ist mein ganzes Herz -- I do not recollect ever hearing a poor performance from Gedda in any opera and he excelled in Mozart as well as French Opera and even in operettas and sang lieder as well. Along with Dermota, Simoneau, Wunderlich he was one of the most wonderful lyric tenors of his day. If he died January 8th it is strange that it has taken a full month to learn that one of the
      golden tenors of his era is deceased.

      • Rosina Leckermaul

        I too first became acquainted with him on the old BORIS recording--one of the first opera recordings I. owned. I was obsessed with that opera as a kid. It was the first opera I ever saw at the MET (Siepi, Rankin, Brian Sullivan). What a varied repertoire Gedda had and he sang everything elegantly. Beczala’s timbre reminds me somewhat of Gedda’s.

      • MWnyc

        According to the confirmation of his passing from his daughter, Gedda evidently wanted his final days and death kept quiet and discreet.

        I suppose a month is just long enough to see to it that not too big a fuss gets made when word does come out.

  • Scania Opus

    IMO, the best Hoffmann that can be found. Sad to hear about his passing. Norman Lebrecht spread false rumours about his death a few years ago, so I guess it is true this time.

  • Peter
  • Edesso
    • Thanks — I knew it was a bogus picture but had no idea it was of Ghiaurov.