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There is nothing you can take to relieve this pleasant ache

“There is a water sprite (called a merman by the Juilliard), a witch and other flora and fauna of Czech folklore.” [New York Times]

  • operadent

    I always thought that Rusalka was an opera that went on too long, and it seems that Mr. Schonberg was not bothered by judicious cuts back in 1975. Does anyone here know if the current Met prroduction is being performed uncut. I love the music, but it does make for a long evening, especially with the 8:00pm start (as was the prima.)

    • Bill

      Opernlexicon indicates that Rusalka was performed
      in Chicago in 1935 which may have been its USA
      premiere -- not the 1975 Julliard performance.

      In the Vienna State Opera premiere (with Benackova)
      the kitchen boy and gameskeeper scenes were cut out
      completely. These scenes were restored in the new
      Vienna production there two years ago with Stoyanova.

      I do not find the opera (for all its beauty) too long.
      Because the premiere of this new production at the
      Met (which started at 8:00 pm and the lights went down
      at 12:02 after only some 4 minutes of applause) had
      a sitdown seemingly one course dinner for the patrons in the first intermission, the 1st interval was of extended length as even when the bells were ringing to hustle people back to their seats, none of these patrons got up from their tables for at least 10 minutes .

      • Freddy Torres

        The score is performed with almost all the tiny cuts marked in the score in this new production. When Nézet-Seguin conducted it a couple of years ago in the Schenk production, he opened almost all the cuts, it´s no big deal, just 6 or 8 more minutes of music.

      • Pirelli

        Boston also got a Rusalka minus Gamekeeper/Kitchen Boy, back in 2009. The cuts marred an otherwise wonderfully sung (if indifferently staged) production. (Brian Hymel was the Prince, Marquita Lister was Rusalka.)

        • La Cieca

          The Herheim version of the opera cuts the Gamekeeper/Kitchen Boy/Jezibaba scene from act three, but keeps the Gamekeeper/Kitchen Boy music to open the second act. However, the lines are redistributed to a number of invented comprimario roles, townspeople gossiping in the town square about the Prince and Rusalka.

      • Solovyov

        The 2014 North Carolina Opera production, with Joyce El-Khoury, Russell Thomas, and Heidi Melton, included most of the Gamekeeper and Kitchen Boy scenes.
        The work’s U.S. professional premiere was in San Diego in 1975, with Kathryn Bouleyn in the title role, sung in English.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    That production brought out at least 3 singers of some international repute and one who could be argued kept a beloved singer out of his home company for several years.