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Chakra can

Which diva has blamed her chronic tardiness at rehearsals on a bad case of misaligned throat chakra? Fortunately, she explained, the condition can be kept in check simply by redesigning all her costumes to include high necklines.

  • southerndoc1

    Tardiness -- e tardi -- Yoncheva in Traviata?

    In check -- Rusalka -- Opolais (no way she wants the necklines higher), Dalayman (would assume she only has one costume), Barton?

  • steveac10

    If you look closely at Opolais photo from the first act, her neck is completely wrapped in an aqua chiffon scarf. There also appears to be a wide fabric choker with gems for her second act costume.One wonders if they were part of the original designs.

    • Porgy Amor

      I believe this blind item and the other recent one are related.

  • rhinestonecowgirl

    Covent Garden had the Dress Rehearsal of Adriana this morning, which I missed owing to a slight chill. Surely not Madame Gheorghiu?

    • Diva2themax

      lol Angela would NEVER raise a neckline. She wants those babies out for all to see.