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And see if I can be rebirthed next Thursday afternoon

Edina closeupLa Cieca supposes it was only a matter of time. Anna Netrebko has become Edina Monsoon. 

edina netrebko[via Facebook]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Is that genuine lama on her jacket? Io quella lama?
    Maybe it’s just yak.

    • Luvtennis

      I would go with the near-extinct fraggle.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    She actually does have a gay friend, but clearly not one whose fashion advice she should take.

  • Luvtennis

    Please tell me that this NOT a preview of her costume from next years Aida!!!!!

    Where is Renee (Patsy)? I think Renee could be a very convincing amoral, lazy drug-addicted alcoholic high fashion slut….

    Love you, Nene! And Anna too! Aides can write the opera!

    • operadunce

      La Cieca has been there, done that!

      “Cheers, thanks a lot! ”
      by La Cieca | 1:56 pm | Feb 8, 2012

      “Congratulations to America’s Diva and Toastmaster General Renée Fleming, who once more is demonstrating her commitment to contemporary music by starring in the world premiere of Henri Dutilleux‘s opera buffa Absolutely Fabulous, in the role of fashionista “Patsy Stone.” “

      • Luvtennis

        Oh no!!! Wow. Time flies.

  • Amnerees

    I think we can rest assured that “no animals were harmed” in the production of this outfit.

  • Willym

    As my sainted mother use to say: A bold fashion statement!

  • RaulinMiami

    Is it Lacroix, sweetie?

  • Lady Abbado

    Inauguration Day…Lascia ch’io pianga