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Chat: La bohème

michael fabiano bohemeThe Met’s final performance of the Puccini classic this season is today’s Saturday afternoon broadcast, with chat here at La Casa della Cieca starting at 1:00 PM. (Photo: Ken Howard)

  • Sulla Tomba


  • Nell TuoCuor

    well hi there. Inexplicably I seem to be logged in today. Usually too lazy to go track down my password. Nice baritone today … it’s all about the baritones for Nell.

    • ER

      Hi, is there live chat section active still and if so how do we access it?

      Happy listening, everyone.

      • Nell TuoCuor

        No, sadly no more live chat since an unfortunate incident a few weeks ago. This why we can’t have nice things.. :-)

  • Gualtier Maldè

    Was that Paul Plishka as Benoit? He has no voice left.

  • Nell TuoCuor

    the comment I heard on a Sirius broadcast was that Plishka had agreed to step in to replace the late John Carlo at short notice…

  • robertpass

    Listening today to the broadcast. Love Michael Fabiano but have worried about his pushing of the voice the past few years. Alas, today he sounded like so many other tenors as they were starting to lose their voice. The top was just so profoundly labored and dry in tone. Lots and lots of pushing. Interestingly, I always worried that he would become Jose Carreras where one day the plushness and beauty would be gone from overuse. Today it sounded like this may have happened. I hope and pray Mr. Fabiano was just ill and that it wasn’t much more than this….

    • Rosina Leckermaul

      He sounded much better at the January 6 performance. He sounds a bit hoarse today. The top is quite strained.

      • Ivy Lin

        I think Ailyn Perez has a gorgeous timbre, but her top is thin and wiry.

        • robertpass

          Ailyn Perez is a delight

          • ines

            She is wonderful… a touch of Victoria de los Angeles

  • Willym

    God help us they just fell down the stairs…..

  • MissShelved

    I was so hoping he would not go for the high exit note…

    • robertpass

      Agree -- He is a wonderful singer who clearly gives 110% all the time. If he is not feeling well, he should ask for the understudy. As I said earlier, I do fear that he may have pushed it just too far. There are many tenors who fell victim to this -- Carreras and even Richard Leech -- what a wonderful artist who kinda just disappeared one day….

  • actfive

    He sounded quite strained in “Che gelida manina” but I thought he got back on track with “O soave fanciulla” (which btw is one of my favorite passages in all of opera). Hoping that Fabiano is just having an off day.

    • La Cieca

      Nonsense. Don’t know that one strained note means that just like Carrerras a singer has destroyed his voice permanently? So sad. Surely he should have spent a decade or two in Linz singing Mozart!

  • Nell TuoCuor

    Now here’s Phillips, whose high notes at least sound in tune over the radio. Does she sing Mimi yet?

  • I was upset that this terrible cold I have kept me from trying to get a standing room ticket but reading these comments it seems that perhaps Fab is not having a great day….Will try and see him in something in the near future. I know he is singing Traviata at the end of the season with Yocheva, assuming she recuperates from her back issues. She’s taking on A LOT very quickly….girl def wants that D ????. Best of luck to both of them.

    • Nell TuoCuor

      I think Fabiano is singing beautifully much of the time but has some trouble on top at the moment. Where other people might try to finesse it, he’s just going to the wall for it.

  • Ivy Lin

    1st example: Manon Lescaut

  • Ivy Lin

    2nd: Tristan

  • nachtEule

    Thanks, La Cieca, for linking to the Observer article on Facebook earlier today, otherwise I would’ve forgotten about today’s broadcast. It’s such a luxury to be able to listen in, esp for those of us in somewhat opera-limited regions.

  • robertpass

    in reference to Mr. Jordan’s comments, Hope you are right Mr. Jordan but not totally basing comment on that one note which wasn’t “awful” -- he hit it like many but just overall there is a pushing that is worrisome. As I said earlier, I am a HUGE fan and I just worry that what I am hearing sounds eerily like recordings we hear of Carrerras circa 1982-84 -- he could still sing beautifully but there was something different versus the old honey toned Carreras of a few years earlier. One can hear this with Pippo circa 1957-1962…listen to his Tosca with Price -- he is wonderful but he ain’t the same as his Callas recording….bottom line is I am hoping he’s just having a bad day -- he is too important an artist to lose….AND, he seems a delightful person too.

  • Nell TuoCuor

    oh dear there’s something in my eye. Brava.

    • Ivy Lin

      Agree. This is a gorgeously sung third act.

  • Dennis

    I just re-watched The Audition, a documentary which covers the Met Opera’s National Council Auditions for 2007(?). Among the contestants is Michael Fabiano. The conductor for the Auditions, Marco Armiliato, warns him that, “When you go to the top you are a little bit open.” He tells him to take care and warns him that if he wants to stay healthy, he should work on keeping a covered sound. One of the judges says, “He shouldn’t bellow. He’s either going to be fantastic or dead.” Another judge says, “The way he goes up through the passaggio worries me a lot” [with heavy emphasis on “a lot”]. Interesting in light of the comments appearing here.

    And, by the way, if you haven’t seen The Audition, I highly recommend it. It’s available on Met on Demand and I’m sure elsewhere.