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rockyHappy 66th birthday tenor Rockwell Blake

Born on this day in 1897 tenor Frederick Jagel.

Born on this day in 1903 conductor Jean Morel.

Born on this day in 1921 tenor David Poleri.

Born on this day in 1926 baritone Derek Hammond-Stroud.

Happy 82nd birthday baritone Sherrill Milnes.

Happy 70th birthday bass-baritone James Morris.

Happy birthday director R. B. Schlather.


  • Porgy Amor

    Yoncheva has canceled her January appearances with severe back pain. Per her Facebook, it sounds as though everything after January is in the “hope” stage at this point, contingent on her response to treatment.

    Per Lebrecht’s site, “Monte Carlo Opera have been left scrabbling for a replacement Manon.” When the tiles with letters landed on the floor, the names they formed were Anne-Catherine Gillet and Vannina Santoni.

    • Pirelli

      I hope they landed on triple word scores…

      • spiderman

        So, Yoncheva won’t be able to upcancel to Rusalka …

    • manou

      I saw Gillet in Manon in Lausanne -- she was fine. It was a nice enough production and the standout was John Osborn’s Des Grieux.

      “Santoni” is an anagram of “anoints” and “nations” -- but also of “onanist”. I guess we need a haruspex to explain…

      • Daniel Swick

        Gillett did a remarkably successful recording of “Knoxville Summer of 1915”. The disc also has Britten’s “illuminations” which she knocks out of the park.