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And I pity any girl who isn’t she tonight

pretty-yendeSoprano Pretty Yende (soon to be a Met Rosina) guests on Stephen Colbert‘s Late Show at 11:35 this evening. (Video after the jump.)

  • PokeyGascon

    I think she did a lovely job. I am sorry they did not allow time for her to interact with Colbert, instead we got to watch Oprah scramble eggs.

  • She sang it at a pretty listless tempo but made up for it with her interpolated high notes.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Clearly talented, but lacking in knowledge of the traditions long associated with Rosina’s aria, and if she is simply opting not to embellish her interpretation with the best of those elements, she’s not doing herself or her public any favors. Truncating the highest note at the end is really disappointing. I’m not suggesting that she mimic singers of the past, but to fulfill the moments we have come to expect to be endearing. It also reveals a lack of truly great coaching.

  • StageLefty

    She was lovely, and for the late-night TV audience, her presence as a representative of classical music was perfect. A truncated version of any aria on a popular TV show needs not to be picked apart for style in this context. I actually had more issues with how OW was making those eggs. We need instead to send kudos directly to Colbert for inviting classical artists. He’s the first to make a regular habit of it since Carson. Too bad that they don’t get how funny and smart singers can be in conversation with someone who knows how to bring that out. (Martina Arroyo, if you’re reading, you were genius with this aspect of your job and should maybe consider coaching potential Late Show guests?)

  • WindyCityOperaman Divina admonishes at 25:00 mark.

  • steveac10

    My only quibble is the god awful dusty rose prom dress somebody decided she should wear. There is rehearsal footage on the Met Facebook page, and she is slaying it in a lipstick red bandage dress.

  • Rowna Sutin

    My two cents: This is an amazing voice inhabiting a beautiful young woman. The aria presented was for the general public, and they were treated to a complete operatic package sung very well by an enormously engaging rising star. To quibble with the ornaments is ridiculous. On the other hand, I am astonished to hear a voice of that size able to move around so well and to have such high pingy notes. I think in the long run she will sing big Puccini. Right now there is Mozart and Rossini. Someone is watching and guiding her very well.

    • grimoaldo2

      I saw Pretty Yende as Lucia in Berlin in 2015, she was lovely in an astonishingly old-fashioned production and performing edition, the audience loved her, “Pretty” is exactly what she was in every way, singing, person,, stage deportment (couldn’t really call it ‘acting” in that production, I would like to see her in a more dramatic staging),the voice is rather light and she did not force for volume, if she turned her head away or the orchestra was loud you couldn’t really hear her but that did not matter.

  • Parpignol

    fine Rossinian opposite Podles in ‘Ciro in Babilonia’ at Pesaro, and there can’t be many opportunities for performing that one--
    super-nice after the performance at Donn’Amalia--

  • Diva2themax

    Love her. She is such a nice woman filled with love for the art. I’m very glad they chose her to do this. She deserves all of the attention & accolades.

  • Luvtennis

    I think she would be a wonderful Ilia!!!! The voice can hit the high notes, but I think her strengths lie elsewhere.

    • Luvtennis

      The voice has an appealing darkness to it. And she seems very relaxed physically. No tension as far as I can tell. I can think of many worthy examples of singers with similar traits…. ????