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Chat: Roméo et Juliette

romeoStart your New Year’s Eve out right with a nice passionate chat on the subject of Roméo et Juliette, broadcast live from the Met starting at 6:30 PM. Photo by Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Listened to some. Then the Met live stream dropped and did not come back. Always this happens just when we get to the key musical moments. I could blame this on my bad ISP. Or on the Met. Tossing a coin.

    • Pirelli

      I’d blame the Met. For me, the live stream gave out during the last act -- at which point I just switched over to Sirius.

      Enjoyed the performance quite a bit. Odd to hear a Russian bass with such weak low notes, but that’s about my only complaint. Well, and the guy who just had to yell “Bravo” at every opportunity…sometimes that really does get to be a little much. (I’m wondering who paid the claque lol?)

      Happy new year, all!

      • Satisfied

        Kind of surprised that there isn’t more discussion about this on this post. Very curious to hear about yesterday’s performance as I won’t be seeing this until next week. Not a fan of this opera but wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see a Damrau and Grigolo pairing.