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fluteTonight’s chat features the enshortened English language version of The Magic Flute the Met has put forth as their annual Christmas entertainment for the kiddies. (Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera

  • Krunoslav

    “Not since dear old John Brownlee…”


    Jessica Pratt is about to break all land speed records for semi-automatic coloratura. Buckle thine seatbelt.

  • merveilleux

    I wish they’d give Jessica Pratt something a little more substantial

    • Krunoslav

      These are all the Met debuts as to QOTN. Many of these sopranos sang nothing else with the company, though a few of course moved on to other roles.

      Ethel Parks, 1912

      Rosa Bok, 1941

      Audrey Bowman, 1944

      Mimi Benzell, 1945

      Lucia Popp, 1967

      Cristina Deutekom, 1967

      Colette Boky, 1967

      Rita Shane, 1973

      Edita Gruberová, 1977

      May Sandoz, 1979

      Osceola Davis, 1981

      Zdzislawa Donat, 1981

      Luciana Serra, 1991

      Sharon Christman, 1991

      Elizabeth Carter, 1993

      Sally Wolf, 1993

      Larissa Rudakova, 1995

      Laura Aikin, 1998

      L’ubica Vargicová, 2004

      Erika Miklósa, 2004

      Cornelia Götz, 2006

      Mari Moriya, 2006

      Anna-Kristiina Kaappola, 2007

      Amanda Pabyan, 2007

      Albina Shagimuratova, 201o

      Audrey Luna, 2010

      Kathryn Lewek, 2013

      Ana Durlovski, 2014

      Jessica Pratt, 2016

      The debutante Abigaille on 12/27, Tatiana Melnychenko, will be the first soprano to join the Met in that part.

      • Daniel Swick

        I remember Carter being pretty unexceptional in the part…same with Sally Wolf. I rember Cornelia Gotz being quite good and using baby chest in the closing section of the first aria. I saw Lewek sing the part very ably and somewhat boringly.

      • Rosina Leckermaul

        Hope she’s better than she was in London.

    • Peter

      I thought Janai Brugger’s Pamina was the more impressive performance last night.