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liver“It appears that 12.5 million Italians watched the liver relay of the original version of Madam Butterfly from La Scala,” claims Norman Lebrecht, which is perfectly accurate except that there was no organ meat involved in the telecast, and it was seen by 2.6 million Italians, not 12.5 million. Oh, and one other factoid escaped the notoriously slipshod “journalist’s” attention. 

La Scala was very clever indeed to obtain the services of Tracy Turnblad to sing the title role in this production.


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  • LMacbeth

    Daniil Trifonov’s spellbinding Carnegie Hall recital this past week was viewed in real time via Facebook Live by a mere ~700 people. And FB has an audience of a billion+ users worldwide. I don’t have the stats for those viewing via Medici TV but can’t imagine the audience being much larger than FB’s. So no way in hell 12MM viewed the La Scala Butterfly.