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I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind

baalLa Cieca hears that the dress rehearsal of Nabucco at the Met earlier today came to a halt when the statue of Baal burst into flames. La Cieca will leave it to the cher public to interpret this portent.

  • Surely the soon-to-come baby Jesus is clearing out all the competition before appearing on the 25th. Any news on what made the statue ignite?

  • Rofrano

    And are we to assume this was not part of the director’s vision?

  • StageLefty

    Hmm… was Mme Guleghina seen anywhere on the upper west side…? (I kid Maria… and hope that coming reports reveal that no one was hurt. Perhaps a pyro moment gone awry?)

  • Krunoslav

    Has any member of the Parterriat burst into flames? We haven’t heard a mumbling word from Marshie in a while…

  • QuantoPainyFakor
  • ???? oh gosh is everyone ok?!
    I’m planning on going to see this on the 19th ????. I was going to try and go to the last performance on Jan. 7th but I might be traveling so I’d rather just see it before I leave…plus I might not be able to get tickets for that performance.

    Im going to try and get a rush ticket for the 19th since Family Circle is sold out and there are no student tickets being offered as of yet. Fingers crossed. Not sure if I can get a standing ticket since I won’t be able to be at the box office til like 6 p.m. that day unless I take the day off which I don’t think I can do.

    • Lohenfal

      I don’t think standing tickets are sold until a certain time, but I wouldn’t recommend that route if you can’t get there early. A few years ago, when I went to Traviata with Damrau, there was a big demand for rush tickets and standing room. Of course, it wasn’t because of Damrau but her superannuated Germont père, who of course will be “attempting” Nabucco this time around. It would be better if you could reserve something now instead of waiting.

      • Good point. The thing is the tickets that are available now are expensive and I don’t think I can exchange it if I can later get a rush or student ticket…but you’re probably right that I shouldn’t wait given that Domingo’s performances sell well and that I’m not guaranteed to get a rush ticket.

        • Lohenfal


          The cast is good, except for that one individual I’m avoiding now, and Levine normally does good work in this piece. He might encore “Va, pensiero,” as he did in 2001.

          • Thank you! Yes I agree that putting Domingo aside, although I’m actually looking forward to hearing him live before he retires so I don’t count that as a minus, the cast is really just about the best that can be assembled these days plus the Met orchestra and chorus are always excellent if not amazing. It’s also a great opportunity to hear Levine conduct a work that he cherishes before he retires.

            And honestly I’m not really going to this with the expectation of seeing a particularly revelatory or life-changing theatrical experience but rather a very good musical performance of this great work….and a lot of bronze(r) apparently lol. But who knows maybe I’m wrong! It’ll be fun and interesting to compare it to the HD later on too.

  • Jamie Barton posted this on IG yesterday:

    It’s a cute pic but omg that is soooo much bronzer ????????.