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The young and the restless

daniel-and-briana“We want to figure out how to create a nationwide change in how people think opera can be done.” So say the stepsiblings who are already well on their way to revolutionizing opera in New York. [Observer]

  • Leontiny

    Thank you, La C, for what I am going to assume is your commitment to and love of the art. Having attended Loft productions because we too love the art, are interested in anyone and anything that tries to engage with and make it accessible to a broader based audience, want to hear new voices and see new ideas presented, and just admire the chutzpah to present great work on a less than modest budget, we can’t wait to see what they do with Macbeth. Wooden benches with no back support, trips out to Brooklyn on the L train that broke down and stalled a start time because half the orchestra was stranded, a subway that closed 15 minutes after the performance ended, were nothing when the performers were so well-rehearsed and committed to the work, and the audience was palpably caught up moment by moment. We wish them every success and hope they will be able to pay their musicians more than $50 per performance at some point. We fly in from another country for these performances, have a friend who plays in their orchestra, and believe that such fine musicianship is worthy of a living wage.