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leveeEveryone’s favorite disingenuous alt-right music critic, Jay Nordlinger, explains that the real problem in opera today is not enough blackface.

  • Donald Grove

    That was a remarkably dull read, which led to a very uninteresting and unpersuasive point.

  • I and my evil twin, Albert, lying sobbing on his hay, have been practicing this. It is very hard and we are not born to it. But hell, if that Russian baggage can try and do verismo, we might have a shot.

  • Kenneth Conway

    Driving Miss Nordlinger? I wonder how Simon Estes feels about serving as the pedestal upon which Jay Nordlinger piles the crud of his oh-so-enlightened racialist smugness. “There is an fraud. And an hack. And a schmuck.”

  • MisterSnow

    Actually, I think he has made a realistic point. Acting is about portraying someone you are not. Is that limited by one’s ethnicity or even sexual preference? If only an Asian can portray an Asian, then are Asians limited to only roles that are specifically Asian. I think we see the most colorblind casting in opera and in classical theatre. The RSC does not balk at a Romeo and Juliet with a black Juliet (when both are clearly Italian characters). I was at wonderful production of a Chekhov play some years back with the terrific Lorraine Toussaint (black) as one of the Russians. No one would would balk at a Forza Del Destino with a black Leonara (an aristocratic European Spaniard), a father who was really from Russian, a brother who was really a Polish Jew, and a lover (who is supposed to be half Incan, an important plot point) sing by an Asian tenor -- and let’s not forget the gypsy who is really from Ireland (okay, there are Irish gypsies, I will have to give you that one).

    • La Cieca

      Who exactly with any background in opera has said that only an Asian can portray an Asian?

    • Donald Grove

      “clearly Italian” in a 16th century English drama is odd to me. I come from a school which would interpret Romeo and Juliet as being “clearly English”.

      There was a in1968 movie made of Midsummer Night’s Dream (with Judi Dench AND Diana Rigg). It summed up a very accurate view of the setting with the opening shot of a stately English home, and the characters decked in out very elegant Stewart era garb, while the title across the screen announced “Athens”

  • La Cieca
  • MWnyc

    Now, now, Jay is not alt-right.
    He’s much too old-fashioned for that.

    (I expect he’d agree.)

  • Luvtennis

    Lol! Let the average Egyptian try speeding in a gated community in Mississippi after dark!!! They will find quickly just how “white” they are!