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Dacquoise, you come to me with naught save love

not-a-day“But I just go on thinking and sweating / And cursing and crying / And turning and reaching / And baking and icing…”

  • Shirley Herron

    Thanks, La Cieca, for pointing out this very touching interview, and especially for not taking the easy cheap shot. Oh, wait…

  • Willym

    Thanks for directing us to this very thoughtful interview. Understanding and compassion is so rare these days.

  • Gianmarco Segato

    Just returned from her Toronto recital. I’ve only heard her once before live again in recital maybe 12 or so years ago. I was struck by how engaging a performer she is. Her many years onstage really show in her confident delivery. Her voice rang out clearly and quite beautifully especially in her mid to upper range. The program played to her strengths I’d say. The Strauss group showed her experience with that idiom and the American sets in the second half were very fine (Moore, Bolcom and Bernstein). She could give many a singer a lesson in clear, unaffected North American English diction. Just about every word was naturally clear. Her final encore was ‘Can’t help lovin that man’ -- very touchingly delivered. Her voice really sounded in great shape for the repertoire she covered and I’m grateful to have heard her live.

    • I was there too and agree. She still has lots of voice left, especially in the upper-middle part where the voice still has lustre. I will say that she shows more emotion in her face than her singing. There were times when I’d look at her face, and she was so emotionally engaged, but would close my eyes and couldn’t hear the same level of emotion.

      She’s at her best in American songs. I couldn’t agree more about her diction. The Bolcom Cabaret Songs (sadly, only two of them) were thoroughly charming and one could understand every word. She’s at her most engaging in that rep and knows how to sell a song.

    • Sheldon

      Gianmarco and Kashania--I was there too and agree with you both. I thought her recital program was perfectly balanced with “art” songs in the first half, and “american songbook” pieces in the second. I was especially struck by her rendition of the two Tchaikovsky songs she sang--but then again, she DID win the gold medal at the International Tchaikovsky Competition, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

  • MisterSnow

    I was a classmate of Ms. Voigt at CSUFullerton in the early 80s (just before she was a Met finalist) and have followed the ups (and downs) of her career with interest. I found the full interview to be very interesting. I also found this clip of her recently singing at a Notre Dame event. I was very happy to hear her in such healthy voice. The last performances I heard of her (Les Troyens broadcast and a NYPhil concert) were very distressing and her voice sounded very worn. It seems she is regaining some of her former vocal health. It also seems that she is happy with the new directions and opportunities in her life. I wish the best for her.