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There’s an old girl in town

lavin“New York City Opera is thrilled to announce the cast for its January 2017 production of Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. . . . The production will also mark a notable New York City Opera debut with the role of the Old Lady played by Linda Lavin, the television, stage and cabaret star and Tony Award®-winning actress best known for playing the title role in the television series Alice” promises a press elease from NYCO. 

  • geoheymont

    For a minute I was afraid NYCO was going to be reviving Gottfreid von Einem’s The Visit of the Old Lady!

  • Cameron Kelsall

    I went to school with Jay — gorgeous voice and very funny. He should make a great Candide. And Lavin is exciting. This went from being completely off my radar to a must-see.

  • Sanford Schimel

    Meghan Picerno is terrific. She was one of the Lucia’s last season at Regina Opera. I can’t wait to hear her Glitter And Be Gay!

  • Krunoslav

    Keith Phares was really good this summer as Count Almaviva in Saratoga; very classy Maximilian casting.

  • MisterSnow

    I saw JAJ in On the Town. He is great at playing the innocent, so he should be an excellent Candide. A bit of a coup to get him now, considering his high profile role in the TV series Quantico. As for Gregg Edelman, he spent over a decade (1988-2003) doing a wide variety of leading man baritone roles on Broadway. Since the BAM production of combined Pangloss and the Governor, the roles has usually gone to a comic actor who can sing (at least somewhat). However, the role of the Governor was originally written for an operatic tenor. It will be interesting to hear someone (Edelman) who can really sing the role.

    • Krunoslav

      Stanford Olsen sang the Governor very well at the NY Phil’s 2004 semi-staging of OH MY GOD SHE’S PATTI LUPONE (a/k/a CANDIDE) visited on us by Lonny Price.

      • MisterSnow

        Yes, he certainly did -- and they used the original tenor keys -- and it was great to hear them sung like that. The Harold Prince version for NYCO followings the BAM production and uses one singer/actor for Pangloss/Governor/Voltaire etc.

        • Shai

          In my recollection, the Hal Prince version on Broadway doubled Maximillian and Governor: a high baritone.

      • MisterSnow

        The NYPhil version also included some music not in the HP version, such as the “We are Women” duet. It was probably based on the Scottish Opera version that Berstein conducted in concert -with Nicola Gedda as the Governor.

  • Meghan Picerno is indeed terrific, we just had her as an amazing Gilda in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has both the voice and the acting talent to be a superb Cunigunda.