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dickThose of you who follow the blog Slipped Disc will not be at all surprised that Norman Lebrecht has taken the opportunity of this weekend’s difficulties at the Met to behave like a total dick.

  • Seth Chodosh

    What a complete and utter schmuck., this ass-hole ( Lebrecht) appears to be .. as are the responses in his blog.|


  • Sirotah

    I have already stated my position on this so won’t be repeating myself. But I see no problem with Lebrecht’s post. The one thing I will allow myself the indulgence to repeat is this: Like it or not, this smells of another instance of white privilege, getting away scot-free. If the offender had been a person of color or a person of color with a Muslim surname we would likely be reading a different story. And the sympathies here for the man would have been muted at best, assuming any sympathies in the first place.

    • La Cieca

      Okay, crafter of fairy tales, you can take a week to reflect on your revolting tendency to judge others.

    • NoelAnn

      It is unfortunate to think the reaction would have been different but had it been someone who appeared to be muslim it’s not unreasonable to think the response would have immediately been different from everyone involved. This sort of thing is going to take a very long time to reverse… I’d say 100 years or so to reverse. another two generations. We have people alive when women couldn’t vote… change happens in society far too slowly perceptions are the most difficult.

      • Armerjacquino

        But there’s a huge logical hole in the argument offered by Sirotah.

        ‘This guy would have been treated badly had he been of Muslim appearance therefore we should treat him badly’

        • NoelAnn

          Ah put that way I agree. We should be treating everyone the same, not everyone badly.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Couldn’t you have saved us all a click?

    • I have to say I resent La Cieca for making me contribute to Lebrecth’s readership. LOL

      • Daniel Johnson

        I didn’t bother, could you paste it here

        • The only new piece of information was that the Orchestra had requested an emergency meeting with Gelb. This is puzzling cause every orchestra pit I’ve ever seen is easily accessible by the audience. I don’t know what’s to be done about it.

  • Dede Bacro

    The perpetrator obviously has mental issues, and needs to be helped, not punished. It has nothing to do with “white privilege”…

    • quoth the maven

      “Mental problems”? That strikes me as a nasty putdown thinly disguised as a pseudo-clinical diagnosis. We have no idea whether the guy has “mental problems,” although I think it’s safe to say that in this instance, he suffered from poor judgment.

      • ER

        Well said.

    • NoelAnn

      I feel for him and hope I NEVER to anything similar but with good intensions. There were other ways to achieve the same result without garnering attention.

      • Bobsnsane

        Yah, put the ashes
        in one of the planters,
        outside -- in front of the Chagall’s.
        That’s close enough.

  • Cicciabella

    As usual, the word “parterre” sticks in Lebrecht’s craw.

    Is this true, or is he making most of this up? What breach of security was there? Both stage and orchestra pit are open. Anyone can throw anything at/in either at any time before, during and after the performance. This guy broke a public behaviour rule: “No littering”. As we know, people litter all the time, inside and outside. You can’t really stop them before they do so, only once they decide to do it, if you catch them on time. The Met acted correctly by being cautious and cancelling the evening performance. I understand that much-anticipated trips have been ruined, but maybe people can reflect on the fact that it was just a false alarm, when it could have been a real attack and be a little bit, dare I say it, grateful.

    • NoelAnn

      I hope more non-invasive security measures are put in place. Have no idea what that would mean. A live performance is interactive and we can’t build a wall. I don’t understand why the substance wasn’t evaluated very quickly so they could have done the evening. It is NY. But I know nothing above this. Those of us who lived through 9/11 in ny know anything is possible. If this serves as a warning and a non-invasive defense is put in place and works. it will have been a gift.

      As you are saying people who have bee in their bonnet are hard to stop. I won’t call them crazy, but it’s hard to stop an individual who is intent on a path. We can’t live life in fear of that but need to find a way to carry on intelligently.

  • QuantoPainyFakor
  • Jamie

    Other than the gratuitous jab at parterre box and Mr Kaiser’s activities here, I don’t really object to Lebrecht’s post. And I am surprised that, if Mr Kaiser did inform others of his plans, nobody pulled him aside and told him that his idea wasn’t OK.

  • NoelAnn

    “compulsive pseudonymous contributor”?

    Conpulsive? What does that mean. Sounds like a dig at this site. I don’t post much, but when i want info about the opera world this is where i come, why? Because it’s filled with devoted, knowledgable, connected people. You guys are the best. It’s a community who talks, fights, has different opinions and lives to discuss another day. It’s awesome!

    So if posting here means i’m compulsive… bring it on baby! Bring it on.

  • NoelAnn

    If this is a thing people do then why not take advantage of the desire, dig out a hole in the basement and charge people serious money to have their cremated remains interred there as they do in churches. yes it’s a silly idea up for ridicule but hey if it pays the bills go for it.

  • Jorale-man

    This feud between Parterre and Slipped Disc is of fairly recent vintage, if I’m not mistaken. What started this? Why does it persist? Inquiring minds want to know…