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Parterrian makes international news

kaiserDallas native Roger Kaiser, identified as the guy who sprinkled a mentor’s cremains in the pit of the Met yesterday (and all that came after) is a parterre commenter, or rather was a parterre commenter, submitting over 800 comments between 2007 and 2009. La Cieca will respect his anonymity on and not disclose his screen name, but she will just note that his comments were no nuttier than most. (Photo: Facebook)

  • Seth Chodosh

    My final comment on this (I PROMISE….)
    …A quote from the New York Times article, dated October 30th, 2016, concerning the event at The MET, on Saturday…

    ““This guy is not a bad guy,” the police official said. “He’s really
    just a friend who lost his friend and is following out his wishes.”

    BRAVA…”police official”….!!!

  • Leontiny

    Waited until a good friend who had travelled a long distance for that Tell checked in. Although he loved the singing and he regretted missing the glorious music in the final act he didn’t regret the involuntary forced exit from “a Eurotrash crap production with a bit of Busby Berkeley choreography” and said the only reason he would have been pissed was if he’d had an expensive seat.
    I want my ashes spread in the rosin box at NYCB so I can go out on that stage, preferably before a performance that includes Divertimento #15, Stravinsky Violin Concerto, or any of the other 40-odd Balanchine ballets I worship, but that’s just an idle fantasy.
    I’m certain there are other survivors of the 80’s and early 90’s here who honoured disbursement wishes.

  • Luvtennis

    I have struggled to come to a viewpoint on this weekend’s Met travails. On the one hand, the vitriol unleashed against Mr. Kaiser is both understandable and probably warranted. No one wants this to become a thing…. And Seth/Rene/Sanford -- while I hope my friends defend me as passionately as you defend Mr. Kaiser, I know you recognize the bad judgment shown by your friend. Not only was an out of proportion security response inevitable given the sad realities of the modern world, but there is also the basic “ick” factor. I, for one, would NOT like to have someone’s ashes scattered on me. On the other hand, I know that grief and sentiment can overwhelm good sense in any feeling person so I empathize fully with Mr. Kaiser.

    How about his comrades throw a fund raiser (Kickstarter? GoFundme?) for those who travelled a long distance and won’t be able to take advantage of the Met’s offer of replacement tickets?!?!?!

    It would be a wonderful way to make amends and honor his friend.

  • Kenneth Conway
  • Um Gottes willen! Your alte Jungfer goes off for a few days with her Frauenwanderverein for our annual visit to the Eisenacherwald to collect acorns, and all hell breaks loose! I gather I missed a few things in my absence… Just for the record, I am to be crisped immediately upon my demise, placed in a biodegradable container (a paper bag will do), and planted somewhere in the Wienerwald, preferably with a sapling on top. And please: nobody sing!

  • La Cieca