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Welcome to the Dollhouse

anna-videoNo guarantees, because we are talking about Russian TV technology here, but apparently at 2:00 PM today there is a video stream of Manon Lescaut from the Bolshoi starring Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov!

  • La Cieca

    It’s starting!

    • laddie

      Wow! Terrific singing!

  • John Yohalem

    This is myself with bosom buddy Marcy Richardson. She plays Athena in the new Company XIV show, “Paris.” You know the story: Zeus swallowed Metis (graphically depicted) in fear of their unborn offspring, and out of his skull burst this fine buxom warrior goddess. Meanwhile, the goddess of Discord had tossed a golden apple (check out Encores later this year) into a wedding party, and Zeus was asked to bestow it upon the fairest of them all. Athena claimed it, but so did Juno and Venus. (I don’t approve of mixing Greek and Latin names, but no one else seems to care.) Zeus passed the buck, I mean the apple, to Paris, a shepherd boy (but actually a Trojan prince).

    Poor Paris! Forced — against his will — to appreciate the charms of three goddesses, a god, a demi-goddess and an entire flock of sheep — all cavorting memorably and athletically before our eyes — in order to come to judgment!

    This is turning up on an opera page because all the participants sing (except Paris. And me), and some of them sing operatically. Athena warbles “Aux marches du palais. La fille au roi Louis,” more 17th-century Top Quarante, plus Adele’s “Skyfall” and the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army,” the latter while dancing around a pole many feet above the spectators. Then Juno appears in thigh-high black patent leather boots, impersonated by muscular countertenor Randall Scotting (Handel’s Rinaldo back in June, and the emperor in Gluck’s Ezio in Boston before that), who introduces herself with “Lascio ch’io pianga” and, on Paris proving recalcitrant, contemplates revenge with a burning “Venti turbini.” So we had countertenor realness amidst the burlesque soupery and frippery, and then Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man,” as perfect for his act as “Skyfall” was for Marcy’s. How could Paris not choose both? Especially after they dueted on a French translation of Lana Del Rey’s “Salvatore”?

    Well … lose they did. Remember your myths, folks. Venus showed up and wasted them all. And then Helen.

    Anyway, all of this continues at the Irondale Theater up Lafayette Street from BAM. Just Google “Paris XIV” for more info.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Yusif does not know what to do with his hands. The costumer created a very unflattering silhouette with those poufy gowns; not all dolls have full skirts. The goofy hats--do they have any recognizable meaning relating to dolls in eastern Europe?

    Ah, but the singing was a pleasure to hear despite some buffering glitches. Thanks for this treat.

  • You were able to get the stream to work? I wasn’t. I was kicked offline every few minutes before I gave up.

    • DonCarloFanatic

      Yes, and the amazing thing is I have crap internet: Frontier. In the last ten minutes, the buffering became skipping and repeating, which was awful, but for the most part there was a minimum of stopping and starting and I only had to open the stream again once.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Forgot to mention the bizarre use of insects. How these relate to dolls may be explained in the intermission interviews, but they’re in Russian.

  • La Cieca

    Anna sings the Madrigal, including a high C balancing on a ball on one foot.

  • QuantoPainyFakor

    I loved the fashion parade by the chorus, supers and dancers during the curtain calls. Here’s another take on Tirsi and Clori:

  • La Cieca

    The complete Manon Lescaut, from earlier today: