Cher Public

The Philadelphia Story

bev-pavWhile new programming from Trove Thursday is on temporary hiatus, La Cieca thought you, the cher public, might enjoy the return of some classic episodes of Unnatural Acts of Opera. First up, a performance of I Puritani from Philadelphia Lyric Opera on 18 January 1972. (Included among the attractions are two vignettes from the featurette “Apocryphal Opera Anecdote Theater of the Air.”)

Luciano Pavarotti (Arturo) Louis Quilico (Riccardo) Paul Plishka (Giorgia) Ellen Shade (Queen Enrichetta) Thomas Paul (Lord Walton) Beverly Sills (Elvira) Anton Guadagno, conductor.

  • pollione

    Bring back Unnatural Acts of Opera NOW!!!

    • Leontiny

      and bring back the yappy dog, a favourite of sound editors whenever there was a longeur on the track. this performance was the scene of a violent argument I had in Marie’s Crisis (blush) lo those many years ago. the sound is wonderful. thank you, doyenne.

  • Sanford Schimel

    I’m so happy to see Unnatural Acts back. I always loved the intos. And I always thought that your faithful sidekick sounded like Worf from Star Trek