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Don GiovanniMichael Grandage’s staging of Don Giovanni, DOA when it premiered five seasons ago, served as a vehicle for the return to the Met of Simon Keenlyside after two years of various infirmities. . . . He towered over the listless supporting cast like Daniel Day-Lewis guest-starring in a marionette show.” [Observer]

  • Olivero Fan

    I love that you’ve used the term “cos-play” in an Opera review. How many of your readers will know what this means?

    • La Cieca

      Well, the way I look at it, they can always right-click on the word for a definition. It’s what I do when one of the Youth makes a reference I don’t understand.

    • La Cieca
      • Leontiny

        I can’t wait for the HD tomorrow. That glorious music. A treat to read and share your thoughts courtesy the Observer. I admire your brevity, enforced or not.

        • Me too!!! I was going to have to miss it since my sister was coming to visit but the hurricane made us change our plans so I bought my ticket for tomorrow. Im stoked.

      • UehiroIsao

        The Youth? Olivero Fan (assuming this person is not a community-college-educated legal secretary) most likely does not think it is “the Youth” that do not know what cosplay is. It is people who are within 10 years of La Cieca’s actual age. Of course her Grindr page says she looks much younger…

        • La Cieca

          I must have expressed myself badly. La Cieca uses the definition tool when she is in conversation with The Youth so that terms The Youth use (such as “cosplay”) do not go whizzing over her head.

          And now La Cieca will stop saying “The Youth” because she is beginning to feel like protagonist of a minor Tennessee Williams play.

          • Krunoslav

            Funny thing is I’ve always pictured you in the Margaret Leighton part in THE MUTILATED!

  • Sirotah

    Have been hearing that Stemme’s wobble has become unbearable. Is the house too large for her?

    • La Cieca

      Take the concern trolling someplace else.

      • spiderman

        Thanks, Cieca.

      • UehiroIsao

        Troll! La Cieca would have mentioned the singing in her review if it was important