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And now a word from our sponsors

amanaLa Cieca (not pictured) hopes the entire parterre community will join her in offering a big “thank you” to the lovely advertisers who help keep our site afloat: Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival, The George London Foundation for Singers and the Bayerische Staatsoper.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Still have a working Amana microwave. Nothing but a nuclear war will kill it.

  • Leontiny

    Since Polyanna is my middle name I’ll say a big THANK YOU and kisses to the wonderful sponsors that allow me to be enlightened and delighted by this site, and to LaC and her insight, devotion, and acerbic tongue which I hope never lashes out at me. Camille, please return soon, Mrs JC I am in awe, and Kashania I hope to meet you soon at a performance.