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Anna“It’s no secret that soprano Anna Netrebko is one of opera’s true box office draws: Her performances of Il Trovatore last season were among the few nights the Met was completely sold out. But her new CD, Verismo, reveals she is more than just a star; her performances of arias and scenes from Italian opera highlight an artistry that is both subtle and thrilling.” [Observer]

  • manou

    Very much looking forward to listening to this -- on its way to the manous as we speak.

    (Just writing something positive before the ritual mob evisceration)

  • I don’t buy a lot of solo aria albums anymore but this is a must-have.

    • Talk of the Town

      Same here.

  • Great review. I also don’t buy a lot of opera CDs but I agree with Kashania that this is a must have. I’m thinking I will buy it as a gift though since I have Spotify.

  • Arianna a Nasso

    Great to read such a detailed review, though I’m disappointed JJ summarizes Pappano’s contribution with just the word “uneven.” Unless any of us were in the coaching room with the two of them, we won’t know if Netrebko’s “originality of approach” came from her or from Pappano. Did she set that opening tempo to “Ebben” or did he? Several artists like Kaufmann, Westbroek, and Opolais have praised Pappano for raising their stylistic level in this repertoire, so I would not be surprised if he had a lot to do with the specialness of the recording.

  • manou

    Forum Opera ( agrees with JJ. Manuel Brug -- not so much.

  • Sirotah

    Very odd that on its release date, the whole of the ‘Verismo’ album is available for free on the Youtube app, at least in the U.S. Don’t they want the album to sell?

  • AN’s music video for “Ebben? Ne andro lontana”:

    When I saw the track list for her album and realized that this aria was included I was thrilled.

    Just compare with this live performance from 2007 or thereabouts in Paris:

    That live performance from nearly 10 years ago was definitely a glimpse of great things to come, and it’s awesome that her voice has matured to a point that she can really do this aria justice, as only she can.

    I listened to the album in its entirety yesterday on Spotify and loved it. She definitely has a flair for Puccini and Suicidio! In questi fieri from Gioconda is one of the best recordings I’ve heard, like ever. Those dark, covered low notes are just something else. Of the two Turandot recordings, I prefer Signora Ascolta but In Questa Reggia is fun to listen to, even if she does sound on the edge here and there. I do hope she sings the entire role eventually.