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Flip or flop

flipSeparated at spitcurl: ice queen Vanessa (Erin Wall) and misfit boy toy Claus (Jonathan Blalock)?

  • Sanford Schimel

    The guy looks a little like a demented Matt Bomer.

  • Rosina Leckermaul

    Just saw her in VANESSA, a role that demands some demented moments.

    • Kullervo

      Did she have any?

      • Rosina Leckermaul

        I don’t think the bright lighting and monochromatic set and grey costumes helped an opera that needs some moodiness, particularly as it is set somewhere in northern Europe in the winter when the sun seldom shines. Certainly “Do not utter a word” and Vanessa’s reaction to the “imposter” were appropriately demented.

        • laddie

          I just saw it as well in Santa Fe. Agree wholeheartedly. BTW this opera needs a new title, “Erika.”

          • Rosina Leckermaul

            The story is that Callas was originally offered the role of Vanessa and turned it down because she thought Erika was the principal character. She was right. It’s Erika’s story.

            • PCally

              I’ve also heard that Callas more or less said that as a way of having to say outright that she just didn’t like the opera.

            • Bill

              Callas really did not have much of a history anyway of singing 20th century opera of any sort at least after her career was established.

            • PCally

              Completely true, but it’s not as if Samuel Barber would have been that much of a stretch. She did speak English and the music is basically melodic and straightforward. Mind you, I’m happy Steber ended up with the role since she’s basically unsurpassed in it but I think that from a purely vocal point Callas could have sung it. If anything I have a harder time picturing her being temperamentally suited.

            • Indeed. Bohuslav Martinu wanted her for an opera but she turned it down, and later made a comment that indicated she couldn’t tell Martinu and Janacek apart. It’s a shame she couldn’t appreciate the operas of her own time.

            • La Cieca

              I think it’s important to remember that the context of that comment was a purely casual and off the record conversation. She happened to confuse the names of two composers whose music she never sang>

              You’re also making the assumption that Callas would have or could have brought the art and taste that so distinguished her in 19th century Italian music to a modern work, particularly at a time in her life when she was financially independent and not actively pursuing a career as a performer.

              Callas always found her deepest expression in what she thought of as “bel canto” singing, that is, the use of legato and rubato to shape a beautiful and meaningful line. The parts you note are based primarily in declamation, with only rare opportunities for legato singing.

            • I get your point, certainly, but Callas also had quite a career (I know, some of it only via recordings) in verismo and I have always thought of Jenufa as a kind of Czech verismo. She had the ability to do more than just bel canto.

            • berkeleygirl

              Did she ever sing in English? Ever???

            • Armerjacquino
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