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chandelierFred Plotkin, who wrote Opera 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Opera and writes about opera for the classical music radio station WQXR, said. . . . ‘[W]hen you’re really quiet, you can hear the tinkling when they stop. That sound, to me, is the sound of the Met’.” [New York Times]

  • Camille

    Honest to gawd--I’ve never heard a timkle at the Met!

    I have, however, seen LOADS of crapping all over that ginormous stage!

    When will they paint over or fix the peeling gilded stuff on the ceiling is what concerns me mostly, and that is going on for years now….

    • Camille

      Sorry, tiNkle.

      A tiMkle sounds like something one ingests at High Holiday season.

    • Rowna

      Darling Camissimi! I have missed you, but as you know, I am still in the midst of this ginormous move. Things are going well and we are pretty settled in -- just waiting on some renovations to start. The opera season is upon us. Hooray. Re the tinkle sound: I have heard the intake of breath as the newbies see this rising up for the first time. As for the tiMkle I would say, HHDays are almost around the corner, or should be. But you know this year they are coming VERY late. Two Av’s. Will you PULEEZE let me meet you at the Met? I will be there 3 times -- Sat matinees only. I know you said you were not that interesting but I would like the chance to dispute that! for details. And yes. I read Parterre all the time but have nothing to add. You have probably figured out that I am just a fraud I mean fan of opera :)

      • Camille

        Rowna geliebte!

        It would not be seemly for a respectable lady like yourself to be seen with an old bag lady like me. I’ll think about it, but, as I almost NEVER attend Saturday matinees as a custom — that’s “Radio Day” for me — it is already a moot point.

        I’ll set my thinking hat on and try to figure out a way we could communicate without your being contaminated by the radioactivity of my bagladyness.

        Ciao for now and I am so happy you are closer to your babies and managed to live through your move — always a trauma/drama. Now, with the holidays upon you, you’ll all have an extra special time together, worth all the trauma/drama of moving.

        xxxooo and happy new home! And keep those critiques coming on down the pike from Connecticut!!

        old Camille

        • gustave of montreal

          Voilà Camille qui confirme n’être qu’une clocharde. Quel malheur.

      • einfreund

        With all due respect, Rowna, and to keep the record straight, you mean two *Adars* -- as it’s the happy month, two are always better than one.

  • Gualtier M

    Not much tinkle going on at the Met these days. They no longer raise and lower those chandeliers. Cost saving move?

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      If you’d read the linked piece that is the point of the thread, you’d know that they are to resume the ritual this season.