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Straniero, ascolta!

Turandot-NetrebkoDue to a complaint by Universal Music Group/DG, La Cieca has had to remove the music track of “In questa reggia” from our site. A substitute track is available on Spotify.

  • phillyoperalover

    Very interesting. I think she would be a great Turandot on recording, but would be even better as Liu on stage. She has the fire for Turandot, but Im not sure how she will do after a couple of performances. I know she’s adding Tosca, Aida, Adriana, and Madelenna ( excuse my spelling ), which Im’ sure she will do great in. But Turandot… I”m not sure. Again recordings and concerts yes, on stage I don’t see she her holding on to the role for long.

  • Patrick Mack

    I firmly believe that Ms. Netrebko can do just about anything she sets her mind to. I would rather that had been Norma but still this is pretty impressive on it’s own.

    • Slavicwobbler1

      If by “anything” you mean, swallow the microphone, crack brutally (a real shocker that one), wobble, take inappropriate breaths, clunk into chest and then end up almost drowned out on your high C by a tenor who sounds alarmingly like a pigeon, then yes, she can do anything! Netrebko is clearly no Turandot if this is the best that can be managed on recording. Having heard her on numerous occasions, there just isn’t enough volume (have you not noticed how she has just one gear change and nothing beyond it?) and certainly not enough voice. She will avoid this role like the plague, but probably have a crack at Liu. As for Norma, you’re more likely to hear Simone Kermes sing Isolde that Netrebko ever be bold enough to torch her reputation so emphatically.

      • “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.”

        • quibbleglib


        • Slavicwobbler1

          Yes, she marches relentlessly into history, hammering one nail after another into the coffin of technique, supported by her “discerning” public, which seemingly comprises the deaf, neurotic fanboys who become hysterical whenever she squeezes into a size 20 kaftan (squinting their eyes and convincing themselves it’s still the glamour puss of yesteryear) and a curious he/she more easily bated than Trump.

          • Okay, you’re out of here permanently.

            • Krunoslav

              Gee, Cieca, you tossed out Ms. Gorchakova before we had a chance to praise her increased proficiency in English!

            • spiderman

              Seriously? Gorchakova?
              A looong time since I heard that name …

  • meowiaclawas

    Slightly off topic. I always thought it would be cool when Turandot holds up the three middle fingers on her hand while singing “Gli enigmi sono tre” and then go down to her middle finger (flipping the bird at Calaf) when she sings “…la morte una!”.

    That would underscore her feistiness, no?

  • Sirota

    I think she sounds fabulous

  • leosweill

    Have never loved her in anything as much as verismo…she’s perfectly stylistically suited (and vocally at the moment), isn’t she…