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The Tony never bothered me anyway

HerheimLa Cieca hears that Stefan Herheim’s Met Meistersinger (scheduled for 2019-2020) may not be his New York debut after all. Rumor has it the Norwegian wunderkind is now attached to Disney’s version of Frozen, due on Broadway in spring 2018.

  • Signor Bruschino

    Now that Disney has hired Herheim, methinks Gelb will suddenly drop any objection to the cost of Meistersinger!

  • Jack Jikes

    The brain goes cold and dead..

  • Tory Adore

    Speaking of Herheim, there’s a riveting production of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Pique Dame’ on Opera Platform. Clever and witty as always, his production includes Piotr himself on stage involved with the drama. The opening is quite well worth the price of admission.

  • I just saw the tryout at Disney’s California Adventure. There’s a lot to like about it but it was only an hour so it was hard to get an idea of what the full show will be like. Amazing sets and special effects.