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Tucker everlasting

TamaraThe Richard Tucker Music Foundation’s annual gala promises (note, promises) a particularly glittery roster this year: Jamie Barton, Javier Camarena, Joyce DiDonato, Yusif Eyvazov, Renée Fleming, Anna Netrebko, Kristine Opolais, Nadine Sierra, Bryn Terfel and of course the 2016 Richard Tucker Award Winner Tamara Wilson!

  • phillyoperalover

    It will be interesting to see what they are going to program. I bet AN and YE will do the manon duet, JDD will do Wether or heavy Rossini. Jamie will sing some Verdi. Javier will of course sing a show stopping Rossini aria. Renee will probs do something from Rosenkav. Kristine Opolais will sing something gushy. Bryn will sing Te Deum from Tosca, and Sierra will sing something pretty. Wilson will probs sing Wagner. I don’t know what they could do for a final ensemble. Maybe Falstaff finale?

    • Not likely to see any Strauss or Wagner in a Richard Tucker gala.

      • Tamerlano

        Didn’t Damrau and JDD do the Rose Presentation a couple years ago?

      • Tamerlano
        • Tamerlano

      • Patrick Mack

        Wow. Seriously? I was not aware.

    • SilvestriWoman

      More likely that she sings Verdi…

  • It will also be interesting to see if anyone cancels. If you recall, several people canceled the year Michael Fabiano won.

    • JohnTwinam

      Are you suggesting they cancelled because they were unhappy with the winner?

  • Vorspiel

    Has anyone seen Tamara Wilson’s Liebestod? There is a concert performance from Ithaca College (back in 2013) with her performing it, linked below and starts at the 23:50 mark.

  • Krunoslav

    My vote is the COMTE ORY Trio with Javier Camarena, Joyce DiDonato and Nadine Sierra.

    And how about Anna sings “D’amor sull’alle rosee” with Yusif as Ruiz?