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And boy were her arms tired

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.46.49 PM“15 Classical Musicians Who Are Out and Proud,” including a few you’ve never heard of. [WFMT]

  • PCally

    Adrianne Pieczonka

    • gerbear

      Thank you PCally: Ms. Pieczonka was the first person I thought of as well.

      • PCally

        She’s quite open about it as well. I believe she’s married with a child.

  • gustave of montreal

    Thibaudet also performed at the Met in Fedora as the exiled Polish pianist Lazinski.

    • Flora del Rio Grande

      No trips needed for Racette to study her new role of Minnie
      Girl of the Golden U-Know What. Santa Fe has at least a half
      dozen “cowboy” bars (no gold miners left), where she can
      go to study the necessary arts! Everyone anticipates the
      best acting of Minnie since Mme Kirsten, if perhaps one that
      may lack a little vocal polish.. Well, once past that devilish
      high-B and high-C of Act I, it will be smooth sailing I expect.
      Y’all come on out you heah?
      Your pal Flora

      • arepo

        Can’t wait to see a real actor-singer doing Minnie in Santa Fe. That Poker scene has just GOT to rock big time!

        • Another senior moment. I read “porker”.

  • LT

    I didn’t know Barton was a lesbian. There are quite a bit more in the closet, though.

    • There are more who are out, too.

    • The Poet Lenski

      Barton is bisexual.

      • Loge

        And quite open and vocal about it!