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Misses Lovett

Mrs VoigtEleven months in advance, Deborah Voigt has canceled her role debut as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd at Florida Grand Opera. The company will do Un ballo in maschera instead! [South Florida Classical Review]

  • Gualtier M

    Seems that Voigt is switching permanently from performing to teaching: “The soprano was recently appointed as a full-time voice teacher at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.”

    Voigt was in the Merola program at SFO and got some early breaks there. The Florida folks (Voigt had a home in Florida for a long time) congratulate her on her new appointment and so do I. The cancellation was due to conflicts with her teaching schedule.

    • PCally

      Odd. Based on the JJ review of her Ruth, it seemed like Voigt had the potential for a mini-career in lighter fare.

  • Signor Bruschino

    Very odd- I thought she would make a very logical move into these type roles & she would have been great. Her San Fran ‘Voigt Lessons’ was cancelled the day of the show & supposed to be re-scheduled for this month & its been announced as now totally cancelled.

  • gustave of montreal

    They could have honoured another good American opera instead of Verdi.

    • Signor Bruschino

      Actually a little odd that they didn’t keep with Sweeney Todd & just try to re-cast her.

      • armerjacquino

        Yes- plenty of American star names of her generation who would have loved a crack at Mrs L, I’d have thought.

        • Krunoslav

          Maria Ewing!!!!

          • armerjacquino

            Well, that’s the most fun, campest Lucy of all time cast. But for Mrs Lovett?

            • Krunoslav

              “I could sing Judge Turpin *tomorrow*-- it’s a question of color and tessitura…”

  • PCally

    Not on topic but Mattila has recieved RAVES from every paper I’ve read regarding her role debut as the Kostelnicka, most singling out the beauty of her singing. I’m very excited for the met performances and I hope Greg Free or someone else in the area reviews a performance for the site.

  • I don’t mean this to sound crass but perhaps it’s a question of money. Voigt probably needed to keep taking engagements to keep her income flowing (she’s still in her 50s). And now that she has a teaching position, she doesn’t need the gigs and is happy to be more picky with her roles or concerts? I honestly can’t imagine any of Mrs. Lovett’s music with her voice.

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Well exactly -- for somebody who hardly ever performs, the regular income of a teaching job would have to take priority. And it’s not as if singing Mrs Lovett was going to be madly fulfilling or the pinnacle of her career.