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Nothing can hold a can to our parterre sponsors

JosephineLa Cieca (pictured, left) applauds our parterre advertisers for the month of June: Bard Summerscape 2016, Lincoln Center Presents The Importance of Being Earnest and little OPERA’s Floydiana.

  • Camille

    La Cieca dearie —-

    When did you have THIS MAKEOVER, and whodunnit?

    How shall I say — the working gal look (overalls and all) don’t suit your eminence.

  • Camille

    Is anyone interested in the upcoming Earnest, by composer Barry, upcoming at the Rose?

    I am curious (but yellow), so have opted to go into the archives wherein Fortune hath smiled upon me and successfully retrieved this thought-provoking item —

    Plus, there is more if one takes a stick to poke aroundaboutit.

    • Camille

      Oh dear. It seems I’ve repeated ‘upcoming’ twice in once sentence.

      Perhaps, the proximity of “upcoming Rose” can be blamed all on THIS?-- for once heard, one’s eardrums and synapses can never be quite the same:

      Lord luvit…that woman has lungs of tempered steel!

      • JohninSeattle

        Oil Rig GYPSY must happen. It simply must.

        • messa di voce

          Didn’t this have something to do with causing the BP oil spill?

    • JohninSeattle

      “if Lulu was a comedy it would sound a lot like this.”

      Wait, Lulu is NOT a comedy?! Oh dear! Great digging!

      • Camille

        “Lulu LAUGHS!” would have been the advertising spiel if only Mel Brooks had been allowed to “produce” Lulu instead!

        Just think of it! Gelb would have had cause to hire a police squadron to control all the disappointed hordes turned away from a SMASH!