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“Gangway world get off of my runway,” she added

verismoIt appears from the image released above that La Cieca’s fanciful album cover for Anna Netrebko‘s forthcoming “Verismo” disc was not so far off the mark.

The press release announcing the September 2 launch of the new CD says:

Speaking about her choice of repertoire, Netrebko observes, “I believe I have the voice, knowledge and intuition these roles require. And I put all these things together and worked really very, very hard to try to understand verismo and depict it with a real sense of truth.”

  • antikitschychick

    Sorry I meant to say I always picture her smiling in my head because of how perky and fun she usually is. SIGH. I be tired ya’ll and I need my beauty sleep.

  • Magpie

    What is there not to love? She looks absolutely gorgeous, fierce, and the album cover does grab you attention and makes you look. Actually the picture seems to me like a challenge to all her critics:” I can look however I want because I have the goods to back it up”
    Refreshing to see this after endless covers of recital-prom-tea-with-the-queen dowdy dresses. And for the ones that don’t like it, c’mon! you know you are going to pull your 1930s pedal Singer sawing machines and attempt to recreate it…. And they do NOT have the pattern at McCall’s…..

    • Camille

      “c’mon! you know you are going to pull your 1930s pedal Singer sawing machines and attempt to recreate it…. And they do NOT have the pattern at McCall’s…..”

      tee hee hee! you are so correct that both the Singers will come out of the closet and that the pattern would certainly not be at McCall’s. neither at Simplicity, but, (and just ask La Cieca, for she’ll tell you) at VOGUE.

      ACTUALLY — it looks to me much MORE like a cover for an album of Die Frau ohne Schatten, you know, the one in which Anna Netrebko sings her premiere Kaiserin. Food for thought.

  • Talk of the Town

    I hate to add to the “did she or didn’t she acquit herself well in German” debate (not having any German myself), but from this short clip from last week, adorable-as-always-Anna agrees (in English) with a critic who said that she enunciated like Eliza Doolittle.

  • Magpie

    Dear camille, I have an old 30 singer I inherited somewhere in the attic, but after the incident with my finger (The brocade did look fabulous) I swore never to try to mend my socks again.. And as for Vogue, they do not have that magazine at the 7-11 here at the trailer park. Now on a serious note, you really read my mind when you thought of the Kaiserin. I prefer dark voices in Wagner and I would love to hear Netrebko’s Kaiserin, Although I am not sure she would be comfortable with the tessitura, she does have the extension, and for what I can hear in recordings and youtube, her top seems to be one of those that can open up rather big with lots of color and overtones…I saw G Jones as the frau in LA in the early 90’s in that colorful Hockney production and I though that she was just incredible…..Alas! Curse timing.. Imagine Jones and Netrebko….

    • Camille

      Oh those Vogue patterns were not in the magazine, Maggie!! No, no--they were sold in yardage stores and/or one might send away for them--they were a tad more inacessible than those McCall’s things, to be sure!! Just ask Cieca Lady for she’s sure to know. And they would NEVER be found in a 7/11!

      My, my--so you, too, saw the Great Dame Gwynnie hollering away as die Färberin back when, did you? Lucky us!! Even if she peeled a layer of paint from Dottie’s Chamber (stole that idea from Bernheimer) she was a TREAT — such a grand primadonna display of bravura. She put poor Miss Shade in the shade, and that’s for sure. I’ll always relish that performance and, speaking of fabric stuffs, the way she worked that veil on her way to the Market, I thought for a second she had gotten dazed and confused, suddenly thinking she was singing Salome instead. What a Dame!! Saw her yowling the first act and second acts of Turandot sitting outside in the plaza via a telecast, too, and very thrilling even if a squal. Yes, I didn’t care much for the Hockney at that time, but in retrospect,and considering what all I’ve seen since, it now seems somehow much better. It’s just that primary couleurs don’t do a lot for me, you know?

      I always admire those persons who know to sew, so much. I haven’t the courage. The machine and I would end up in divorce court on an assault and battery charge, without any doubt.

  • calaf47


    The new disc will include arias from operas by Puccini (Manon Lescaut, Madama Butterfly and Tosca), Giordano (Andrea Chénier) and Cilea (Adriana Lecouvreur), all of which Netrebko has yet to sing on stage -- she’ll tackle Manon Lescaut in Vienna and Salzburg this summer, followed by a run at the Metropolitan Opera opposite Marco Alvarez in November and December.

    There’ll also be several cameos from Netrebko’s new husband, Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov, whom she married in Vienna at the end of last year; an exciting singer in his own right, Eyvazov’s recent engagements have included Calaf at The Met, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Wiener Staatsoper, and he will sing opposite Netrebko later this year in Manon Lescaut in Salzburg and Macbeth in Munich.

    VERISMO is due out on Deutsche Grammophon in September.

    • PCally

      Netrebko has sung Manon Lescaut, under Muti no less, to a stellar reception. Plenty of in house clips on YouTube. She was also scheduled to sing it in Munich opposite Kaufmann but cancelled and was replaced by opolais.

      • Cocky Kurwenal

        Yes, that’s a bit of a howler if that’s the official press release.