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Chat: I puritani

camarena“King of the High D’s” Javier Camarena headlines an HD video performance of I puritani this afternoon live from the Compañia Nacional de Ópera in Mexico, beginning at 5:45 PM EDT.

  • Does anyone know if this is a “role debut” for Mr Camarena?

  • The lone you-tube clip I could find of Javier Camarena singing I Puritani:

    • jacobelli

      Camarena links to the webcast on his facebook page and says this is his debut in the opera.


  • Gualtier M

    Those who missed the Zingarelli “Giulietta e Romeo” from Salzburg (taped May 14th) here is a link (I hope it works) from the ORF website:

    Romeo: Franco Fagioli
    Giulietta: Ann Hallenberg
    Everardo: Bogdan Mihai
    Gilberto: Xavier Sabata
    Matilde: Irini Karaianni
    Tebaldo: Juan Sancho

    Armonia Atenea Choir
    Chorus master: Agathangelos Georgakatos

    Armonia Atenea -- The Friends of Music Orchestra (on period instruments)
    Conductor: George Petrou

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • Camille

    Bravo Javiercito! If it is as good here at the MET next season—there will be a revolution. What a voice.

    Additionally, Srta de Altamirano’s abilities far exceeded those of the last pretty little Elvira who sang here, two years ago this spring. Best of everything to this young artist.

    But just what kind of drugs is the wigmaker taking to create those extra-fabulosity over-the-top wigs and moutachios en Mexico? My god, what a hairy spettacolo!

    • JackJack

      We attended yesterday (May 29), and Camarena had jettisoned the wig!

  • And the clips appear on the tubes!.Now I’m REALLY looking forward to this next season.

    A te o Cara

    Credeasi misera

  • zinka

    Fascinating..Granforte especially..

    Gavanelli is LA PUMA!!!!!

  • Churro

    Was there in the opening night and have to confess it did not seem to me like a great debut for Camarena: even though in the first act he was really outstanding, he struggled a lot during the first half of the third one; maybe he came out a little cold in the voice but by the end of the “Vieni Fra Questa” he had it once again under control. HOWEVER, last night he was AMAAAAZING, his voice came out like a canon, his pianissimi, the legato and fiato were exceptional, the phrasing, everything was what one would expect from him and more. Really he was incredible.

    As far as Leticia de Altamirano, I agree with what Camille said above: she was right on pair with Camarena, such a lovely voice and a great stage presence. Their act three duet really brought down the house. I hope these performances and the live broadcasts provide her other opportunities in other houses, because she really is up for the challenge.