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LaurenHappy 57th birthday soprano Lauren Flanigan

Born on this day in 1810 librettist Francesco Maria Piave.

Born on this day in 1830 composer Karl Goldmark.

On this day in 1887 Chabrier’s Le roi malgré lui premiered in Paris.

On this day in 1889 Massenet’s Esclarmonde premiered in Paris.

Born on this day in 1892 bass Ezio Pinza.

Born on this day in 1901 composer Henri Sauguet.

Born on this day in 1911 musicologist and editor Fritz Oeser.

Born on this day in 1914 bass Boris Christoff.

  • phoenix

    Re: Flanigan -- did she really look like that? Don’t remember -- only saw her in live performance once -- Stauss’ Die Liebe der Danae in NYC. I remember buying a ticket for I Lombardi at the Met anticipating Flanigan (who had replaced Aprile Millo in most of the performances already) to sing Giselda, but the night I went it turned out to be Millo herself instead of Flanigan.

    • The Poet Lenski

      I believe the production photo is from when NYCO staged VANESSA for her, sometime around 2007-2008.

      • phoenix

        Thanks, Lenski. My memory is starting to go -- away. Never saw Barber’s Vanessa -- not my thing really, but I got up this morning and remembered putting up with Flanigan somewhere as Elisabetta in Roberto Devereux (another not-so-favorite opera of mine) -- you know, my tastes are rather limited (to say the least) and she didn’t often sing music I liked very much. Her Giselda in the Met I Lombardi broadcast is very well sung for sure, but for some reason I didn’t care much for it. I am sure technically it was as well sung as the other Giseldas I saw (Millo, Scotto & Rita Shane) but for some reason …

        • The Poet Lenski

          Flanigan did Devereux for NYCO circa 2000. I didn’t see the production, but I think it was considered one of her least successful assumptions. Of course, she’s stated in her Opera News Cover story (2011 or 2012, I think?) that she was going through personal problems at the time, and that could have affected her performance.

          Did Flanigan sing much of anywhere else than NYCO in those years? The Met has engaged her as a cover in past seasons, but her last actual performance there (as Musetta) was in 1994. Flanigan was attracted to a more diverse rep than what the Met was usually presenting, of course, but I’ve also heard stories that she is an 11th hour kind of person when it comes to preparing roles. That can rub some people the wrong way.

          Oh, and with some Googling, I found that the picture of Flanigan is from when she sang Christine in MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA.

      • Blanche Tourterelle

        Isn’t that photo of Flanigan from Mourning Becomes Electra ant NYCO?

        • The Poet Lenski

          You beat me to it. See my correction above.

  • Interesting, Nicola Luisott announces he’s leaving SFO:

    “I believe that close to a decade is about the right time to be leading a company. I want the Company’s General Director Designate Matthew Shilvock to be able to move freely into the future with his ideas, his artistic interests and to take San Francisco Opera into a new direction. As hard as it is for me to say this about a company I so dearly love, I sincerely believe this is the right path and the right time for me and San Francisco Opera. I’m proud to have served as the musical leader for this great company and look forward to fulfilling my duties over the next two seasons.”

  • Fritz

    Did anyone else get this email from the Met? They not only want your opinion, they’ll pay you $75 if you’re selected to attend the discussion group.

    “At the Metropolitan Opera we recognize that listening to our customers’ opinions is one of the most important things we can do. Therefore, we are inviting a select group of our patrons to participate in discussion groups next week in New York City as part of our continued effort to better understand our customers’ needs.
    As a token of our appreciation, those selected to participate in the discussions will be compensated for their time. Please note that we are only looking for a small number of people to participate, so complete the link below now if you would like to be considered.”

    • Lohenfal


      I didn’t receive this email, but last year at about this time I received a very extensive email survey from the Met. I took advantage of that survey to tell them all my negative feelings about their programming and productions. Now they’re progressing to discussion groups, with a monetary offer no less. This tells me that their current situation is so dire that they’re willing to try anything to get a handle on what’s going wrong. That 66% figure for the season just past is way below acceptable. I feel, however, that getting our opinions is only part of what’s needed here. The management has to be receptive to those opinions and want to consider radical change. I don’t sense that they’ve reached that point yet. They’re still rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • zinka

    Great Man 5/17/1924 Loved him so much!!!!!

    • phoenix

      Thanks Zink! Such beautiful music.
      -- Found this -- like a gift from heaven -- and in quite decent sound (at least decent enough for me) -- a great performance:

      • gustave of montreal

        Yes indeed, it is ideal, great, but so many shameful cuts