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Naked and afraid

crawford_blindWhich opera director’s new position seems to have gone to his head? At a recent round of auditions, he reportedly encouraged the singers to disrobe.

  • Chanterelle

    Head, hmmm…. Capobasso? This had to have part of the audition for HOPPER’S WIFE at the newly revived City Opera.

    • SilvestriWoman

      Considering the nudity in the show, that makes sense. Still, if the singers were not forewarned, that would be a serious breach of boundaries.

  • Camille

    Franco Zeffirelli, il calo de tutti i capi? Tito CAPObianco???

    Bartlett Pear?

    Calixto Bieito?


    • Camille

      Non calo ma caPo…

      • manou

        Meno male che la “z” è più lontana a sinistra sulla tastiera…