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GoerkeChristine Goerke will sing the role of Brünnhilde in the Monday, May 2 performance of The Valkyrie, the second opera in Wagner’s epic Ring cycle, which WNO is presenting for the first time. She is stepping in for British soprano Catherine Foster, who injured her leg during the dress rehearsal of The Valkyrie on Saturday, April 23.” So says WNO’s press office. (Photo: Christian Steiner)

  • Krunoslav

    Well, THAT’S a Corelli for Morell substitution!

  • gustave of montreal

    who is WNO ?

    • Check the tags, Poirot.

      • Well to be fair my first thought in seeing it in the body of the piece was Welsh National Opera. And I was thinking how fortunate they were that she happened to be that side Atlantic.

        • True, and a Canadian might well think of Wabanong Nakaygum Okimawin.

          • manou

            First thing that popped into my mind!

          • I’m ashamed to say that as a Canadian it was my second choice.

  • DeepSouthSenior

    Mrs. DS are already making plans for April 2017 trip to Houston Grand Opera (with a side trip to walk on the beach at Galveston). Goerke, et al, in Gotterdammerung, otherwise known at “The Valkyrie’s Last Stand.”

    • JohninSeattle

      Or as BAB might call it, ““Bitches on Horses Playing with Matches.”

    • DeepSouthSenior

      Last year, I left Ms. Goerke on that giant hotplate at the end of “The Valkyrie” in Houston. Didn’t get to Siegfried this year. I assume she’ll be back unsinged next year, at least at the start.

      • Operngasse


        Great pun, intended or not.

  • herbinetta

    Soooo tempting. I have tix for the Stemme cycle later this month, but would love to see this.

  • Chenier631

    What a dramatic developement! Didn’t Goerke have a Siegfried performance yesterday in Houston?????
    And she’s doing Walkure tonight in DC?
    Wow, she’s a real trooper for sure.
    Best wishes to her and the Washington National Opera.


    • FigaroFigaro

      Yes, she finished up the matinee of Siegfried at about 6:50 yesterday-- she was fabulous, though if course it’s not a Big Sing for Brunnhilde.

  • phoenix

    This is all very nice for those who can get to D.C. in a hurry, but not for the rest of us. El Zambo should have had the good sense to schedule these Ring Cycles around Goerke’s availability -- yes, that notorious pandillero who runs Washington Opera should have put everything on hold until she could schedule the greatest American Wagnerian soprano of our time for the company’s 1st complete Ring Cycle. At least Goerke is singing the premiere Brünnhilde, as it should be.
    -- Not a big Stemme fan, but with Goerke I would have made arrangements to go to either of the 1st two cycles -- but I refuse to go down there for another draught of stale Foster ale way beyond it’s expiration date.

  • Don_Dano

    I wonder how well she will know the staging. I don’t recall her being involved in the Zambello production before, although I don’t recall the staging being that complicated.

    At the start of Act II she jumps onto a long conference room table and then jumps on Wotan’s back and gets a piggyback ride offstage. Other than that, I think the staging is pretty conventional.

    Based on hearing Stemme sing Walkure in San Francisco and Goerke in Houston, I’d say, I prefer Nina Stemme, although if I was in DC tonight, I would be getting a ticket.

  • John L

    After seeing Goerke in Die Walkure in Houston last year and her recent Siegfried (also at Houston) and having seen Stemme in Die Walkure in Vienna about 3 years ago and her recent Elektra at the Met, Goerke definitely has the bigger voice. But Stemme has a freer less constricted top. Also dramatically they are different, Goerke is more of a stage animal, whereas Stemme is more restrained. I like them both. Goerke is definitely getting more attention these days. But it’s pretty impressive that Stemme has been doing this repertory for about 10 years with not much depreciation that I can hear.

    • Saw Stemme at La Scala -- under Barenboim’s otiose baton -- and Goerke in Toronto. To quote Macheath: How happy could I be with either, were other dear charmer away.