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Young guns

Yannick at the MetBased on some back-channel chat online and a large dollop of her patented common sense, La Cieca will go out on limb and predict that the Met’s next music director will be Yannick Nézet-Séguin. The announcement of his appointment, La Cieca believes, will be delayed only until logistics can be worked out for him to conduct the company’s new production of Der Rosenkavalier next season.

  • PCally

    Good for him, an excellent choice IMO. I’ve always like him but his recent Verdi assumptions have really just been out of this world.

    • Bill

      Cornelius Meister ?

      • bewilbered

        Interesting you should mention Cornelius Meister, as I just noticed today if you Google his name and “Metropolitan Opera” it comes up with some reference to 2018-19, and some kind of “residency,” but my German is not good enough.

        • Bill

          Interestingly Meister just announced yesterday that
          he was not extending his contract with the ORF Radio
          Symphony in Vienna -- he has conducted opera at the
          Vienna Opera, Covent Garden and in California with good notices, is young (circa 36) and appealing, married with two sons. He has Fidelio at the Vienna Opera next season.

          • Meister conducted Abduction from the Seraglio in SF and it was probably the best-conducted Mozart opera I have ever heard. He has not been back -- no idea whether it was a matter of scheduling and distance or Luisotti feeling too threatened by someone more talented than he is.

          • Howling in Tune

            I just did a Google Image search. Cornelius Meister is a-friggin-dorable!

            Too bad about the wife and kids thing …

            • gustave of montreal

              What happened to his wife and kids ?

            • gustave of montreal

              he is as gorgeous as the late Tom Schippers

            • Howling in Tune

              The problem with the wife and kids? They exist.

              So we probably won’t be (for instance) admiring his dazzling form on the beach at the Fire island Pines.

              With Yannick, on the other hand, we might. More than once he has posted photos of himself in swimming trunks at the beach.

              The question is whether Pierre will be there with a cattle prod to keep the rest of us at bay.

      • EarlyRomantic

        His conducting in Anne Schwanewilms’ Wagner album struck me as bland, incompetent and provincial. Of all possible names for the Met, his would have never crossed my mind.

  • It’s funny, without my reading glasses on, when I first glanced at the picture, I thought La Cieca had photo-shopped the “Bear Flag” on either side of Maestro. Alas it was just the Met’s ceiling.

  • atomicwings

    He seems the only logical choice, and much better than Luisi. He’s not only a brilliant and experienced musicianship, but he’s young, good-looking and charismatic.

  • Ortrud

    I too would leave a large dollop on his back channel if given the opportunity.

  • jackoh

    Any possibility of Jurowski? If not, why not?

    • Howling in Tune

      When he was in the running for the Philadelphia Orchestra (the job YNS now has, of course), word was that Jurowski and his wife didn’t want to uproot their kids and bring them all the way over here.

  • Tristan_und

    Yanmick is also the principal conductor for the Philadelphia Orchestra and another one in Canada. Will he really have the time/energy to keep doing all that?

    • Phantom Violist

      The other question is whether he’ll jump ship if there is a prolonged strike in Philadelphia. Rumor has it the war drums are already beating.

      • Howling in Tune

        The war drums are always beating in Philadelphia.

        It’s Philadelphia. Conflict is what they do.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    This would be a joyous decision, but unlike Levine (who used to get off by making miniature opera sets when he was a child and had the entire standard operatic repertoire in his head before his bar mitzvah) for YNS to thrive in such a job there’s a hell of a lot of music, text, and traditions (good and bad) he needs to master. But he’s also gifted enough to do it. I wonder how many hours of preparation it takes just to learn how to have the confidence to conduct the introduction to the last act of Der Rosenkavalier. He seems like the natural choice for the job.

  • steveac10

    One only has to look to the LA Phil and Dudamel to see why the Met would want YNS. As RuPaul would put it both have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent -- with a capital Charisma. Gelb realizes he has only a handful of singers who generate real exitement, so a conductor who could do the same is a top priority.

  • seriously

    “Gelb realizes”…????only a “handful of singers”…??? Show you what Gelb knows about singers….so sad. Everything regarding The Met generating excitement is in spite of Gelb.

    • Okay, I’ll bite. Who are all those wildly exciting singers Gelb is snubbing?

      • messa di voce

        Gail Gilmore.

    • steveac10

      I’ll see you on the Gelb regime not capitalizing on (or attempting to create)home grown stars, but then again that’s never been a strength at the Met. The house has always been reactionary when it comes to casting -- with the exception of the later Johnson era -- when, due to world wars and political tensions he was largely forced to.

  • quibbleglib

    Exciting!! I was so bowled over by Nezet-Seguin’s conducting of Sibelius 5 at Carnegie this season I was contemplating schlepping it to Philadelphia (eek!!) to see more of his work. Haven’t seen him conduct opera but I’m excited the Met is considering someone with such energy and enthusiasm. Would be happy to see more of Marriotti at the Met as well…

    • Howling in Tune

      What’s so eeek about schlepping to Philadelphia? If you’re in New York, it’s a two-hour, $10 to $15 bus ride, and the buses are pretty comfortable these days.

      And if you’re willing to line up, you can get $10 community rush seats for almost any subscription concert. That could make going to hear them in Philly cheaper than hearing them in Carnegie Hall.

      • gustave of montreal

        Whats wrong with the trains ? Riding buses is so vulgar.

        • Howling in Tune

          The commuter trains are somewhat more expensive and forty minutes to an hour slower. (And on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays, the trans between Philadelphia and Trenton run only every two hours.

          Amtrak trains are only about 20 minutes faster than the bus and three to four times the price.

          Thanks to Bolt and Megabus (whose standards Greyhound/Peter Pan has pretty much met by this time), the bus isn’t so vulgar anymore.

    • chicagoing

      We’re not worrying at all/ We just listen for his call/”Here I come to save the day!”/That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way. (?)

  • gustave of montreal

    Puisse Madame Cieca avoir raison & bravo pour notre cher frère montréalais Yannick !

  • CwbyLA

    He is a hottie!

  • redbear

    The musical leadership of one of the world’s top opera houses is a very special calling and not for everyone. It is such a commitment, way more than any orchestra job, that it is, finally, only for a select few. And, note, the world’s great conductors seldom choose that track. Levine, with the Met, was seldom on major world podiums and only squeezed in one summer at Bayreuth. Barenboim at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden is happy to travel less and he has his own orchestra, the Staatskapelle Berlin which gives him the time to, for instance, do an entire Bruckner symphony cycle in Paris next season. Pappano is rarely seen in major podiums due to his ROH duties and does keep an orchestra in Italy for fun. Chailly with his new job at Milan will now be conducting the world’s orchestras much less. His concerts and records of Bruckner, Mahler, and Schumann cycles and lots of new music at the Concertgebouw and the Gewandhaus will be a just a memory. The Toulouse orchestra hired a young conductor, only 26, in 2008 named Tugan Sokhiev. His career has a sharp upward tilt and he was named MD of the high-profile Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin. But, when he got the Bolshoi job, he had to trim. (He cut Berlin, resulting in many tears from the orchestra but Toulouse still has a part of his time). Like others who have taken up the job of music director for a major opera, his career will suffer from lack of exposure in New York, Salzburg, Berlin and Vienna. Any conductor would have to consider the Met job with serious thought. Then there is the institutional weakness. Little noted here were major staff layoffs at Opera News, the Met’s magazine and the unexpected sudden departure of the Lincoln Center president. Is the giant fundraising project not performing as planned?

    • Levine, with the Met, was seldom on major world podiums and only squeezed in one summer at Bayreuth.

      Well, 15 summers actually, but compared to his 20 seasons at Salzburg who’s counting?

      Engagements in Bayreuth

      Year Opera Part
      1998 Siegfried Conductor
      1998 Götterdämmerung Conductor
      1998 Die Walküre Conductor
      1998 Das Rheingold Conductor
      1997 Siegfried Conductor
      1997 Götterdämmerung Conductor
      1997 Die Walküre Conductor
      1997 Das Rheingold Conductor
      1996 Siegfried Conductor
      1996 Götterdämmerung Conductor
      1996 Die Walküre Conductor
      1996 Das Rheingold Conductor
      1995 Siegfried Conductor
      1995 Götterdämmerung Conductor
      1995 Die Walküre Conductor
      1995 Das Rheingold Conductor
      1994 Siegfried Conductor
      1994 Götterdämmerung Conductor
      1994 Die Walküre Conductor
      1994 Das Rheingold Conductor
      1993 Parsifal Conductor
      1992 Parsifal Conductor
      1991 Parsifal Conductor
      1990 Parsifal Conductor
      1989 Parsifal Conductor
      1988 Parsifal Conductor
      1985 Parsifal Conductor
      1984 Parsifal Conductor
      1983 Parsifal Conductor
      1982 Parsifal Conductor

    • Howling in Tune

      As people keep having to remind Norman Lebrecht, Opera News is not the Met’s magazine. The Metropolitan Opera Guild is independent -- and when Gelb tried to interfere with their reviews, the Guild threatened to drop the Met from its name and its mission (so Gelb backed down).

      The way things seem to be at the Bolshoi, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sokhiev walks away in disgust after a couple of years.

  • redbear

    Very sorry about Bayreuth remarks. His appearances there were consistent. Also at Salzburg. But nevertheless he is one of the world’s giant conductors, up there with Bernstein, Muti, Abbado, etc., but his star remained primarily in New York.