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Pinkerton’s secret

ButtLa Cieca would have taken him for a leg man, but Roberto Alagna has other ideas.

  • chicagoing

    That is too funny.

  • pirelli

    It’s been traditional to think of Pinkerton as an ass. But now we know he’s really just an ass man?

  • DeepSouthSenior

    This clip will rear its ugly head for years.

    In the first act, I did notice a couple of times that Alagna was a little behind.

  • joggerboy

    I’m not normally this dense, but I don’t get it :/
    Could a kind soul please explain? I’ll probably kick myself once I do get it.

    • Cicciabella

      Bobby reveals that Pinkerton is “a butt guy”. In the meantime, he sneakily checks out Debbie’s window display.

    • chicagoing

      Mr. Alagna’s pronunciation of the word bad when he refers to Pinkerton as a “bad guy” is the source of the humor. Listen again.

      • joggerboy


  • chicagoing

    Coincidentally, the opera is also commonly referred to as BUTT-erfly.

    • Camille

      Yes sir, that is quite so, and also known in some erudite circles as Madama Butt-‘Er-Face.

      (sorrysorrysorry…just had to say it--)

  • Leonora di Vargas

    I had to explain the humour to my spouse, who did not understand even after listening to the clip.
    But, I’m surprised that the accent of a non-native English speaker would be considered a reasonable target of humour on this site. Especially since many singers we enjoy are not native English speakers.

    I mean this comment very mildly, there is no vitriol here, please note.

    • Camille

      Leonora —- your spouse? I thought you died and Alvaro jumped off the cliff???

      Perhaps you are actually Leonora of il Trovatore? Or else…Verdi had an optional happy ending which we have yet to hear?

      Anyway, I am happy to know you and Alvaro finally got together! Padre Guardiano did the honors, doubtless?!!

      • Leonora di Vargas

        siamo in cielo, forse!

        • Camille

          “Salita a Dio!”

          Pur, beati voi, !!!!!

  • Archibald

    Humour … blah. I rather agree with Leonora di Vargas. I just wonder if people making fun here of this small slip of his tongue would be able to answer live interviews in French, Italian, English, Spanish, and so on as Mr Alagna does. Moreover as part of a HD live streaming, just coming off the stage. We could appreciate if their accent is as good as a native speaker or not …