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Our sponsors are fresh as paint

spruceLa Cieca (not pictured) and the entire gang down at salute our advertisers for the month of April:

If you’re an opera or concert presenter, please contact our advertising staff for information on’s brand-new and exciting Sponsored Content space, designed to get your event before the eyes of the public.

  • Camille

    One last thing—these advertisements really ARE both very welcome and helpful.
    For instance, I am very, very happy to note the Opera Lafayette program(me) coming up, as it is something I’ve wondered about at some length — what went on in the opera world after July 14, 1789? Business as usual? Business for citoyen(ne)s?

    As Marie Antoinette was a patroness of the opera and took delight in it, well, what happened after she was deposed from power, so, am looking forward with great anticipation to hearing the Oedipe à Colonne of Sacchini. Just a short while ago, something bit my interest about him and was reading a bit about him, and of whom I knew zero, no sotto zero.

    Thanks, Opera Lafayette, for coming up here to the Big Rotten Apple!